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Information About Foreign language

Business has brought the entire world together in a unified platform, which we call the Global Market. To conduct business successfully, proper communication among the involved parties is of utmost importance, and proper communication among people is possible mostly by spoken or written language. However, different people across the globe use different languages for communication, which at times, can cause hindrances in getting your point across to the other party properly.

Although English is the language of choice for most businesses, some local businesses or companies focusing on a select region may prefer to stick to the local languages. This would make it difficult for those not knowing these languages to conduct business with these companies. When you are an international brand or have global presence, it is a good gesture to reach out to the local people of a distant land via the language they are most comfortable with. This could be done efficiently by making people adept in multiple languages an integral part of your team. It would be all the more better if you learn one or more foreign languages yourself as that would open a whole new vista for your business and let you explore hitherto unexplored regions and markets successfully. 

Here are the reasons why speaking a foreign language can help you in your business

Relationship building

This is a psychological catch. People tend to relate more with others when communication takes place in the language which they are most used to. It gives a more personal touch to the dialogue between two or more people. The other person you will need to speak to in the business world might be a client, a vendor, a contractor or even your team member. Despite the fact that they might be well versed in English, if you are able to speak with them in their own native language, an air of connection is immediately established, as it creates a space for them to open up. It would also make you seem more acceptable to them when you speak their native or local language. This in turn will help you build a rapport with these people, thus encouraging better professional relationships that can favor higher sales, diverse clientele, increased market contacts and even more popularity.


If you are in the fashion industry, perhaps you know the importance of knowing French and Italian. Those in the retail and manufacturing industries know the importance of knowing Spanish. Thus, when you have the ability to speak and write a second or better still, multiple languages, you can be an attractive and preferred candidate for local businesses looking for a potential partner. Just imagine how convenient it would be talk about your business USP in a language easily understood by your potential business partners and even understand what they are discussing in their native tongue in the middle of a negotiation. Knowing one or a couple of foreign languages can even let you bond with potential vendors, partners and clients since you can go on a social outing with them or even meet them in an informal set-up to have an easy flowing conversation without being interrupted by the slow aid of a translator.

Social and cultural opportunities

In the world of business, people from different nationality and cultures are involved. Interacting with people of such diverse backgrounds is way more effective when you talk to them in their own tongue. Such interactions provide a lot of insight about the different cultures and can help bridge the cultural gap (which would be evident if you use English). This paves way for more social and cultural opportunities, such as enhanced social contacts, which would help you in your business expansion. You can also get a multicultural perspective of things, which would encourage your flexible thinking and let you use some out-of-the-box strategies for expanding your business. In fact, being able to thoroughly interact in more than one language would make you a good translator. You can put such skills to either help two companies of dissimilar culture strike out a deal (where you are a party, of course), or showcase your offerings in words and phrases that the local people would easily connect to.

Appeal to global companies

Companies that serve the population across the globe have a diverse range of multilingual customers. The growing competition in the market demands these companies to expand their reach even further, by attracting a bigger clientele. But this requires a thorough understanding of their target clienteles’ cultural viewpoint. So, the employees working for such companies are expected to carry out multilingual communication efficiently, which would help their employers grow their business. Learning a foreign language would make you an appealing candidate for such companies, and you can take up freelancing assignments to help them with their communication and translation needs.  When you have fluency in multiple foreign languages, getting yourself and your business noted by global companies also becomes somewhat easy.

Multitasking ability

Studies conclude that speaking multiple foreign languages improves overall brain functions and cognitive skills. From improving your intelligence as well the ability to concentrate and focus, to making you enjoy better working memory, improved prioritizing, planning and decision making, you will have a lot of benefits to look forward to when you speak multiple languages. Such benefits will let you perform multiple tasks more efficiently and faster than your counterparts who speak one language. Studies have shown bilingual and multilingual people tend to outperform their monolingual competitors in mental tasks. That’s because bilinguals juggle two languages (multiple languages if we consider a multilingual) mentally at the same time, which trains their brain to distinguish and assess priorities faster. Thus, a bilingual or multilingual person can quickly sieve out important information from a pile of irrelevant information. For multilingual people, handling multiple tasks comes easily as their brain is already adept in handling multiple languages. So, by learning foreign languages, you too can multitask and put your limited time to optimal use, which would benefit your business.


Decision making becomes simpler

Studies further reveal that decision making skills are aided to a great extent by speaking multiple languages. Psychologically, monolingual people associate more with their own culture and hence, their views and general outlook towards life is somewhat restrictive and influenced by these cultural impressions, to some extent. If you see yourself as a global person and focus on personal growth, then fluency in one or two foreign languages will help. Having a multilingual vocabulary provides exposure to the other cultural backgrounds, thus decreasing the cultural bias in your mind. In the same way, a multilingual approach, while making an important professional decision, has higher chances of being rational. So, when it comes to taking important business decisions, being bilingual or multilingual can help as it would expand your vision to consider various facets of an issue and decrease decision-making biases.



About the author: Kevin Starc is a creative writer and translator. He works at Translation Excellence Inc, a professional translation and interpretation company located in Aurora, CO, USA.