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The Jurassic World hit the cinemas in 2015 with one of the biggest box office openings worldwide. The fourth film from the popular Jurassic Park franchise garnered a huge fan following across the globe. The very idea of a theme park made of genetically engineered dinosaurs sent chills down the spine of the audience.

Since then theme parks from various parts of the world have installed animatronic dinosaurs to attract more visitors. While they amuse children, adults get thinking about the mind-blowing technology behind such realistic models.

Many theme parks have introduced different types of dinosaur exhibit ideas, which is an instant hit among the world's population. It seems to be a daunting task to organize a dinosaur exhibition. But it is not that difficult after all. To simplify your task, I have gathered all those information you need to know about choosing the right animatronic dinosaur.

  1. Scientific Data

We already know a lot of research has been done by paleontologists about these extinct species. To keep the animatronic dinosaur as authentic as those shown in the movies you need to have them modeled based on the right scientific facts. Many agencies are driven by this important feature for a perfectly designed animatronic dinosaur.

  1. Popular Class

The family of dinosaurs is classified into a wide range of classes. The classification is mainly based on the biological aspects found in the fossils. You can choose popular class among them for your theme park. Brachiosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Stegosaurus are some of the well-known classes you can take into consideration.

  1. Movements

The main attracting factor about the animatronic dinosaurs is their movements and sounds. Basic movements like opening and closing of mouth, respiration, swaying of the tail, head movements are the most sought after features. And also occasional sound synchronized with these movements is a treat to the visitors. If you can ask for more complex movements from the designer, it is a great add-on to the theme park.

  1. Size

Dinosaurs are one of the largest creatures that are known to humanity. Hence their installations must be large enough to create an impact on the visitors. Usually the length of these animatronic dinosaurs’ lies somewhere between 10-15m and the height varies between 5-8m. The size is finally zeroed based on the class of the dinosaur you choose.

  1. Power Consumption

You can have the best animatronic dinosaur designed by keeping the above factors in mind. But it will be a huge drawback if you fail to estimate the amount of power each of it will consume. For instance, a 1000 KG model with a 13m length and 8m height will require about 800-watt power with a 220 volts label for proper functioning. Again this estimation might vary based on the other factors you choose.

The larger than life experience created by dinosaur themed park is incomparable. It is worth a watch for people of all ages. Hope these tips will make it easy for you to choose the right animatronic dinosaur for yourself.

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