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Influence of British writing on the colonial works from the Revolution. By the time the revolution (1775-83) arrives the American colonized had ventured away from British literature’s puritanical norms. More on this follows.

The predominance of English was immense in the early 17th century. Given the massive scale of immigration to Boston, the establishment of the Cambridge College and printing presses and the intense preaching of Puritanism, the colonies of New England are considered to be the places where the emergence of American Literature initially started.


  • The Press in Colonial America

 The early 16th century immigrants from Boston brought their own collection of books and imported more later on. Literary productions were mostly religious and concentrated around New England. The first printing press in the British American colonies was in Cambridge (as was mentioned earlier) by Stephen Day and the first newspaper to be published was in 1704, called the Boston News Letter. By the time the revolution started, there were about seventy-five newspapers were in publication.

The Newspapers in colonial America differed much from the kind we read today. Back then it comprised of advertisements in the front page followed by a reprint of articles and issues in other newspapers, followed by sermons and speeches. Like the almanacs, some of these too had poetry and serialized fiction. The newspapers were taken by means of subscription. Some people heard the news from others when read out in the tavern for the sake of mass-spreading and helping those who cannot read. Each of these topics require intensive research work so do not let just anyone have your essays written for you when working with these issues in academia.Massachusetts


  • What people read

    Literary productions comprised of sacred works, mostly. Nearly three decades prior to the revolution, the Puritans controlled whatever was being published or circulated and whatever was circulated were mostly of a religious significance. What children mostly read back then was the Bible along with other religious pieces of work. Later on, Almanacs gained a wide popularity. With its assortment of news events, tips and useful information, weather forecasts, short stories and poetries it became a major attraction for kids.

  • Despite printing presses being established in all of the colonies by 1760, most of the material for the books had to be imported from England. Moreover, books being costly, children had to jump from Bible and similar religious texts to popular novels like Robinson Crusoe and all. It was the same reason which made books available on to the privileged classes. Each of these aspects of colonial American history can themselves form a topic for essays and research. So, prior to seeking custom writers to write your essays for you, one must read up on such materials themselves for a deeper insight.


The history of colonial America is immensely vast. What this article talks about is just a drop in the ocean. It has been mentioned multiple times that when one is pursuing an academic discourse one must do their bit of research.