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Growing technology accompanied by new taste and culture has caused a great deal of change in the music sector. While some of the changes which the industry is seeing tend to be negative, there are a lot of positive outcomes as well. So instead of pointing fingers in any one direction, we today accumulate a list of potential changes which are now seen in the music sector, compared to the music which existed let’s say 100 years ago.

1. Greater Energy

Music over the years has seen a drastic change in the levels of energy. Previously only hard metal bands were the ones who had great levels of energy a very high sound and tempo introduced within them. Other formats such as jazz, classical, etc. were known to be soft and soothing rather than loud and exciting. However, with changing times, other music genres like jazz have seen an increase in energy levels. Now each year thousands of songs in every format are released which may leave your mind numb and body stunned with the energy you feel in them.

2. Authenticity Has Decreased

One of the negative impacts of inculcating technology within the music is that it has led to the production of less organic music. Now the singers produce original songs but there is a lot of auto-tuning, use of electrical equipment, etc. involved. These technological advancements have led to the production of less original tunes and also to a loss of organic content which was present during older times.

3. Beat Levels Have Increased

Now the music produced has point beats thanks to the introduction of electric instruments. In the past, a drummer or keyboard player often used to face problems when the beat was not in sync with the tempo. However, with the inclusion of these electronic instruments, now every beat you listen will exactly fit perfectly in the tempo and produce near to perfect music every time.

4. Words Increasing, Meaning Decreasing

Most of the songs which were released back in the 60’s and 70’s always had a unique message which was often conveyed through songs. In fact, music did emerge as a form of expression and was used by people to convey an idea to a larger mass.
However, as the time has passed by the music produced or let’s say the songs sung lack any theme or central message rather are mostly a collection of beats and sounds meant purely for entertainment. Now people prefer rap music or EDM’s which do have great levels of sound energy.

5. The Music Production Has Increased

Today you will find plenty of videos online explaining how to record and publish your song online. The Internet along with easy to learn electrical instruments have allowed people to record new music sitting in their bedrooms. Now you don’t require significant budget or permission to record music rather you can invite a few music lover friends of yours, form a small band, record the music and publish online. Each day hundreds of tracks are being released with some making it big while other simply dissolving in the competition.

6. Music Has Lost Its Uniqueness

There were times when music was considered to be a thing only a few people were capable of learning. In fact, there was very high regard for musicians and these people occupied a unique place in society with no competition from anyone or anything. However, the dawn of 21st century has caused music to be just another hobby for any individual and the unique space it occupied has long been lost. 
The same music which didn’t have any competition once now is increasingly facing challenges through social media, smartphones, etc. and is fighting to make a place in people’s life.

7. Reusability Has Increased

One best thing about this shift of era and or introduction of technology is that the reusability of music has increased. Now the music produced doesn’t lose its worth after a certain period of time and rather it is used in the form of small sequences within movies, serials, and TV shows.  This allows music to live forever in one form or other.
However, there is a dark side to this advantage as well. The inclusion of commercialization and granularization has caused music to be sold in bits and parts while the complete album doesn’t acquire many audiences.

8. Acoustic Instruments Have Disappeared

No matter how good electrical instruments sound, there is an absence of the elegance that the acoustic ones have. Even children are now using electrical instruments for learning and they are hardly aware of the other variant present. Music thus has begun losing its acoustic trait which was once very popular.

So, these were the changes which music sector has been seeing over time. Apart from this numerous new instruments have also been introduced for example gongs which are something unique and away from usual. You can purchase this instrument after reading a review of best gongs at and either gift your children or someone in love with music a unique gift to cherish.