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Saying from a rhetorical point of view, Art is generally termed as the end product of the human urge to express skills originating from pure imagination. To be specific, the epicenter of art is human imagination because an artist without possessing the capacity to imagine cannot prove himself or herself as an artist.  Basically the outcome of these skills would be in the form of music, painting or sculpture.

The oldest forms of art are visual art-basically in the form of cave paintings-which extended towards painting, visual media, music, theatre, and other performing arts.

Coming to the point, 18th century is generally regarded as the time of enlightenment. This sort of enlightenment led to many progresses in following centuries. New ideas were developing in various branches of arts. Neo classical ideas, stemming out from classicism, can be mainly seen in this period. It is evident in historical painting, portraiture and landscape art. Neo classical art used classical examples as models and guides. In 18th century, Baroque and Rococo styles of art deeply influenced many art forms like painting, sculpture, interior designing, decoration, literature, theatre etc. Rococo mainly developed in France, especially in Paris due to the reaction against symmetry, grandeur and strict regulation of earlier Baroque style. Rococo styles mainly use comical, flowery, elegant approach. To be specific, this style was complex and mainly use light colors. Rococo rooms were designed with elegant furniture, small sculpture, ornamental mirrors and wall paintings. Rococo was strongly influenced with Chinese figures. By the end of 18th century, Rococo was largely replaced by neoclassic style. Rococo style took pleasure in asymmetry. The main feature that we can see in Rococo period is the furniture was light earthed. The furniture evolved a symbol of status. Furniture can easily moved for gatherings. Many variety can be seen in chairs like fauteuil chair, voyeuse chair etc. Mahoney was mainly used in furniture construction. There are many examples for Rococo buildings. The most famous includes Catherine palace in Russia, Queluz national palace in Portugal.

 In the case of paintings, the painters used delicate color and curving forms. Portraiture was familiar within rococo painters. Jean Antoine Watteau considered as the first rococo painter. Baroque is mainly a style of architecture, music and art flourished in Europe during eighteenth century. The Baroque style followed the renaissance style and preceded the Neoclassical Style. Mainly it was encouraged by Roman Catholic to counter the protestant music and architecture. The style mainly began in Rome and later spread to Italy, Portugal, Germany and Spain. The word mainly derived from a French term for a pearl with an irregular shape. Sometime the term used to describe music in eighteenth century. The word used to describe the art followed the Renaissance. The Baroque style was mainly adopted by Catholic style. Baroque churches mainly designed with large space. The dome was the main feature of Baroque architecture. The twisted column in the church is one of the features of Baroque. Baroque painting can be seen as the realism in European art. Famous painters in Baroque era are Rubens, Caravaggio and Rembrandt. The use of chiaroscuro technique can see in Baroque art. This technique mainly refers to the interplay between light and dark. The chiaroscuro technique can be seen in the painting the massacre of the innocents by Peter Paul Rubens. The important composer of music in baroque style includes Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivaldi and George Handel.

So, it is evident that innovation or the inculcation of unique ideas within art witnessed the evolution of art in its different forms. During the 18th century, Europe became the central aspect of artistic innovation and this can be easily evaluated as the evolution of art through different ages. Within this scenario, the origin and development of Baroque and Rocco styles of art is noteworthy because the contributions of the eminent artists to the wider context of global art prove so.


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