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Homework began long ago when schooling was about writing, reading, and arithmetic. It was so simple back in the days because it was all about practicing and memorizing few lines.

Words like do my homework for me were not common because the student can practice without their parents interfering. This mental exercise affected children positively and disciplined their minds. Homework has a rich history and diverse views of its importance exist. In this post, we shall discuss the history of homework and its benefit to students.

The Origin of Homework

The origin of homework can be traced back to 1095. It started in Venice, by a man named Roberto Nevilis. He was using homework to assist his own students. Nevilis may not have been the first to use homework to teach students, but there is no evidence that someone did before him.

Homework started the same time public schools were invented. At that period, formal education was not for the poor but well-to-do. Nevilis's intention for using homework was to help his students have a better understanding of every lesson he taught. And because formal education was still developing, homework started gaining relevance in European countries at that time.

How Homework Evolved In America

Homework in the United States of America was not given much attention until the 20th century. Most parents did not support it because they needed their children to support the family at home after school. They wanted their children to spend more time helping the family instead of spending it on homework. Children at that time also had little or no interest in higher education.

In California, an act was passed in 1901 to prevent students from doing homework; consisting of those from kindergarten through eighth grades. But this action was reversed and the attitude of the government towards homework changed at the end of World War II. They saw a huge need to groom more scientists and also put measures in place to ensure children were as smart as their Soviet counterparts. They saw that children from the Soviet Union were smarter and became more intelligent when homework was used as part of their learning process and made them to also study harder.

Their views of homework changed in 1957 when the Sputnik 1 satellite was launched by the Soviet Union. They became afraid that their children may not be able to match the intelligence of their Russian counterparts in the future. They saw a need to accelerate their acquisition of knowledge to bridge the gap. Things began to change in the 1990s, and homework became so serious that many students could even pay to write a paper.

Benefit of Homework

The benefit of homework is still a subject of debate even to today. Many believe it should be abolished and argue that it prevents students from developing proper studying habits. But there are views that homework benefits students. Below are some of the ways homework can help students.

Help students to develop time management skills

Most homework has deadlines for submission. And students who fail to submit theirs before it elapses are penalized by the teacher. This does not only instill that do my homework mentality in students but cause them to develop proper time management skills. It will also teach them to prioritize things and make wise use of time.

Opportunity to review their lessons

Most students can forget what they learned in class easily. That what homework does. It forces students to revisit their class materials and improve their understanding. It is easier to concentrate at home since they face little or no disturbance at home compared to when they are in their classrooms.

Makes students more responsible

As a college student, you are completely in charge of your academic performance and grades. And even though you are using essay writing services for your papers, you are still responsible for making sure that other things are in place.


Homework has shaped education system around the world. It has become a part of the global educational system and a way of life of students. The quality of paper submitted can determine the grade students will come out with. And because homework is very important, students are advised to give their best to deliver quality papers consistently.