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During the 18th Century, the world was going through a transition. This is the time when the nature of writing, writers, reading, and publishing underwent a change. And just like other major changes, this change brought excitement while prompting innovation.

What’s more, it was at this time that some professional writers flourished with or without essay help. Here are some of the writers that were popular during the 18th Century.

Jane Austen

Jane Austen was born on 16th December 1776 and she died on 18th July 1817. Jane Austen monopolized both the 18th and 19th century with her works. This English author is basically known for authoring six novels. Some of her most popular works include ‘Lady Susan’, ‘Elinor and Marianne’ and ‘The First Impression’. Jane’s writing career began when she was twelve and by the time she attained the age of 18 years, she had a voluminous work already.

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was born on 17th January 1706 and he died on 17th April 1790. Known as the Founding Father of the United States, Benjamin Franklin was also a distinguished writer. Apart from playing a crucial role in the history of America, Franklin was also the signer of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. In addition to these, his other works include ‘Poor Richard’ and ‘The Way to Wealth’. Due to the exemplary nature of his work, the Royal Society’s Copley Medal honored him in 1753. In fact, even modern students that seek paper writing help online are asked to write essays on some works of this writer.


Popularly known as Voltaire, Francois Arouet was basically a literary genius. He was born on 21st June 1712 and he died on 2nd July 1778. His brilliant writings caused controversy during the century and even after. He attacked popular religious and philosophical beliefs of the time with prolific writings. Majority of his work focused on political institutions. This led to his prosecution that saw him land in jail and sometimes exiled. His most popular work was ‘Oedipe’.

William Blake

William Blake was born on 28th November 1757 and he died on 12th August 1827. He was one of the most famous poets, artists, and printmakers of the 18th Century. He was a poet that was inclined towards art. It was while studying at the Royal Academy of Arts that he became socially and politically conscious. She started working independently by illustrating and writing poems after his father’s death. This is what led him to fame. Some of the works that made Blake popular include ‘Songs of Experience’ and ‘Songs of Innocence’. If you are a freelance writer, you have most probably come across writing jobs that tackles William Blake’s works.

Mary Shelley

Mary Shelley was born on 30th August 1797 and she died on 1st February 1851 at the age of 53. She was a popular fictional writer. Mary employed ghastly themes in her works. Her mother was a writer and a feminist and her father was an active politician. Unfortunately, her mother died and her father re-married. This saw Mary go through psychological turmoil as a child. That’s because her step-mother always treated her unfairly. This led her to take refuge in writing whenever she was treated unfairly by her step-mother. As such, Mary spent a great deal of time in her imagination as a way of overcoming stress.

Some of the works that made Mary popular in the 18th Century includes ‘Frankenstein’, ‘Mathilda’, and ‘The Last Man’. All her works dealt with varying themes. This made them great literary works that are popular even today.


Basically, these are some of the most popular writers of the 18th Century. Many students that seek help online are required to write essays on the works of some of these authors.