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Writing dates back to the civilization age and since then, it has continued to evolve to this day. A lot has changed among writers especially in their work considering the ever-evolving aspects of writing styles and writing requirements over the last two centuries. You must have noticed the various writing styles that exist today.

These were not there in the ancient writing industry. It has been a work of research and development of the writing skill in different disciplines. The writing history traces the creation of language expression through the use of letters and/or through other marks. It also includes the descriptions and studies of developments that were made in throughout history.

 The Rise of Writing Jobs

Throughout history, writing proved to be an important part of research and in the development of language. This became a very important job for writers especially in the 19th century for documenting things that were discovered. The industry has grown over the years to a point where writers get writing opportunities from home to help in documenting facts and useful information both for academic and in the corporate setting. Literature and the documentation of historical developments became very important writing opportunities for writers. This age saw the development of writing tools and machine such as the typewriter to aid the writing process. Further, it opened up for more opportunities especially for those who were actively involved in the writing industry.

 Writing did not only present opportunities for men writers but also for their female counterparts as well. The issues touching on women and their involvement in the society provided writing opportunities for women writers. There was a lot of literature developed in the 20th century especially among women authors. Issues of importance as covered included the empowering of the women and their role in advancing the welfare of the society. Writing highlighted women issues, the struggles and how they rose to find their place in the society particularly after the World War II around the 1960s. This became a very important career for women during that time.

 Writing in the Computer Era

Continuous development in the industry and the advent of computer technology saw a major improvement in the rate at which writing jobs were accomplished. The conventional use of typewriters and manual documentation of works in hard copies were slowly seeing a replacement with the use of computers. Word processing was a game changer for the writing industry and this has even taken the industry to great heights. The job that took longer to write became a lot faster than before with the use of computers.

 Further developments would make it possible for writers to work from the comfort of their homes. This was basically enhanced through the use of internet where the search for writing work can easily be done online. This is as far as writing jobs have come. One doesn’t have to report to a physical office. All they need is a computer and internet connectivity. There are various writing opportunities in academics and in the corporate business world. Writers can now do freelance work based on their skills and specialties.

In the last two centuries, writing has changed greatly compared to how the industry was in the previous centuries. With the advent of computer technology and internet, writing jobs are now more advanced than ever before.