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The popular game where players match the numbers on their cards with the ones randomly drawn by a caller continues to be a favourite of many who either enjoy the thrill involved in playing or relish to claim the cash rewards or prizes attached to winning.

But not many know that the history of this exciting crowd game can be traced far back to the 1500’s when an Italian lottery named “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia” became well known. It should be noted that the Italian pioneering version is played in the European country till this day.


Bingo in the 1700s

On our site, we focus on everything to do with the 1700s, so let’s take a look into what happened to this game at this time. The bingo fever unleashed by the Italians soon caught the attention of the French as the game was introduced to its citizens in the late 1770s. In France, it was called “Le Lotto”, and was mostly played among the elites in the country. The Germans also fashioned a version of the game, which they mostly utilised to educate their children in math, history, and spelling.


This was a really inventive and innovative time for the bingo game, with players all over the world enjoying what the winning feeling was like. It’s safe to say that each country put their own unique spin on the action. This had cultural elements, especially within the UK, and this started as early as the 1700s.

In this era of history, there was a somewhat fashionable flair attached to anything that came in from Europe. This gave bingo an added boost which made it popular with high society, as bingo became the parlour game of choice. High society ladies enjoyed this game and practice it in churches and at their homes too.


This trend continues to this day, with bingo sites an ever popular pursuit in the UK. The early history of bingo is fairly interesting, but you can also experience the cutting edge of tech when you play these games too. Within the UK, there are a whole load of sites offering these games as a testament to just how popular they are.



When America got acquainted with the crowd-pulling game — in the early 1900s, its name had been changed to Beano and the method of playing had been slightly altered to include number cards and the symbolic tool — beans. Beano drew a vast amount of crowd in American carnivals and fairs; and it was in one of these gatherings that the strangely entertaining game caught the attention of the Jewish man credited as the creator of one of the coolest games around.


The bingo dream

The Jewish man who marvelled at the sight of the strange European game was Edwin S Lowe, and he would go on to work on an incredible idea he had formulated while staring through a crowd at the Atlanta carnival. Lowe coined the name ‘Bingo’ during a playing session with his friends, at his home base in New York, when one of the players screamed out the word as she realised she was about to win.



It’s clear to see that bingo has been around for hundreds of years and will continue to be played for hundreds more. With new technology and online play, there’s no stopping this game.