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American Theater

The Seven Years (French and Indian) War unofficially begins.

3 July - Battle of Fort Necessity

The Albany Congress begins.

Benjamin Franklin writes the Albany Plan of Union.

European Theater


American Theater

The French and Indian War Officially begins in America.

9 July - Braddock's Defeat

30 July - Shawano Indians wipe out the New River Settlement in Virginia

16 October - The Penn's Creek Massacre takes place in Pennsylvania

European Theater


American Theater

25 June - Vaul's Fort in Virginia Destroyed

12-14 August - The Battle of Fort Chouaguen

The 7 Years War (French and Indian) begins in Europe.

Treaty of Westminster; alliance between Britain and Prussia

Treaty of Versailles; alliance btween France and Austria.

European Theater

9 September - Prussian Occupation of Dresden, Germany

1 October - Battle of Lobositz (Bohemia)

15 October - Saxon Capitulation at Pirna, Germany


American Theater

August - Battle of Fort William Henry (Lake George)

European Theater

6 May - Battle of Prag (Bohemia)

18 June - Battle of Kolin (Bohemia)

26 July - Battle of Hastenbeck (Niedersachsen)

30 August - Battle of Groß Jägersdorf (East Prussia), Russia

7 September - Battle of Moys (Liegnitz, Silesia), Poland

8 September - Convention of Kloster-Zeven

5 November - Battle of Rossbach (Sachsen-Anhalt), Germany

22 November - Battle of Breslau (East Prussia), Poland

24 November - Austrian Capture of Breslau (East Prussia), Poland

5 December - Battle of Leuthen (Liegnitz, Silesia), Poland


American Theater

8 July Battle at Heights of Carillon

June - July Siege of Louisbourg

24-27 August - Battle at Ft. Frontenac

14 September - Battle at Ft. Duquesne

European Theater

16 April - Prussian Capture of Schweidnitz (Silesia), Poland

May - 1 July - Siege of Olmütz (Moravia), Czech Republik

23 June - Battle of Krefeld (Nordrhein-Westfalen), Germany

30 June - Ambush at Domstadl (Moravia), Czech Republik

25 August - Battle of Zorndorf (Neumark), Poland

14 October - Battle of Hochkirch (Saxony), Germany

6 November - Prussian Relief of Neiße (Silesia), Poland

15 November - Prussian Relief of Kosel (Silesia), Poland


American Theater

June - September - The Siege of Quebec

6 June - Battle at Oswego

26 June - Battle of Niagara

31 July Battle of Montmorency

13 September Battle at the Plains of Abraham. British captures Quebec, death of generals Montcalm and Wolfe.

European Theater

13 April - Battle of Bergen (Frankfurt/Hesse), Germany

23 July - Battle of Kay (Brandenburg), Poland

1 August - Battle of Minden (Niedersachsen), Germany

12 August - Battle of Kunersdorf (East Prussia), Russia

20-21 November - Battle of Maxen (Dresden, Saxony), Germany