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This reference index contains information about the Native Americans of Canada and their history.

Feature Articles

Causes of British and French Rivalry in the Colonies

Net Links

Canadian History
French and Indian Wars

Canadian Tribal Web sites

For a listing of the Major Tribes in Canada and their contact information, Check out the First Nations Directory at the First Nations Project Website.

Eastern Canadian Tribes

Aldervile First Nation

Arctic Dawn - The Journeys of Samuel Hearne 
This site presents Samuels Hearnes Journey of Discovery in his own words. In this journal you will learn about the as Chipewyan and Cree Indian tribes of Canada. You will also learn about the Inuit from this 18th century account.

Caldwell First Nation

The Grand Council of the Crees (James Bay)

Innu Nation

Labrador Metis Nation

Ojibway and Cree Culture  

Midwestern Canadian Tribes


Manitoba Indian Cultural Education Center

Saskatchewan Indian Culture Center

Six Nations of The Grand River

Whitefish Lake First Nation

Western Canadian Tribes

Canim Lake Band (Shuswap Tribe)

Nisga'a Nation of British Columbia

Secwepemc Shuswap Nation

Totem Forests of Canada Exhibit

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