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This section contains information and resources about the 13 Colonies of British America.

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American Colonies Articles by your Editor


The New England Colonies


Life in 1770 Connecticut 
Learn about Connecticut life at this web site, the home of Noah Webster.


Massachusetts Historical sites 
This web page is a description of historical sites that you can visit in Central Massachusetts.

Adams NHS Home 
Adams National Historic Site is located in the City of Quincy, Norfolk County, Massachusetts. Learn about this historical place here.

Concord Massachusetts History 
Learn about the history of Concord Massachusetts from this site that contains resources and information about the city.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire History 
This site contains information on New Hampshire history. This site is a product of This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Excellent site.

Concord Massachusetts History 
Learn about the history of Concord Massachusetts from this site that contains resources and information about the city.

Rhode Island

Early History of Rhode Island 
From the Rhode Island Sceretary of State's web site, this page contains the early history of the state from its exploration to the founding of the colony by Roger Williams. It includes a short biography of its founder.



Vermont History 
Take a look at this short history of the Green Mountain State presented by the Vermont Historical Society.


Middle Colonies


The Kalmar Nyckel 
This site discusses the history of the Swedish ship that brought the first settlers to Delaware Valley.

New Jersey

Morrestown Historical Society 
Learn the history of this well known town in New Jersey from the Historical Society.

Sandy Hook Lighthouse 
From the New Jersey Lighthouse Society, read about the nations oldest lighthouse located at Sandy Hook.

New York

Contact and Conquest 
This page discusses the contact and conquest of Western New York. It also has more information about the Western New York area.

New Netherlands History 
This site is a short history of New Netherlands now known as New York.

New York State History Net 
This informative site contains information and resources on New York State. This site is located in Albany University. Note this is a framed site.

Federal Hall N.Y. 
Learn the history of the seat of New York's colonial government and the meeting place of the Stamp Act Congress which assembled in October, 1765.


Carpenters' Hall 
From the U.S. History Organization web site, read about this historic meeting place of colonial America.


The Southern Colonies



North Carolina

North Carolina Attractions 
Before you take a trip to Edenton North Carolina, you will want to check this page out to find the best places to visit.

South Carolina

Southern Mountain Heritage 
This site contains information on the Southern Mountain Region of the Carolinas, during the American Revolution.

The Stono Rebellion 
Read this account of a negro insurrection that took place in South Carolina in 1739. This page is from the Library of Congress website.


James River Plantations 
Learn about the plantations along the James River from this website by the National Park Sservice

Northwestern Virginia History 
This is a history of the Northwestern Panhandle of West Virginia by J.H. Newton Org. in 1879. This site is maintained by Margie Glover-Daniels.

Library of Virginia 
The first place to visit for researching Virginia History.