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Russian America 
Learn about Russian America from this article found on the Alaskool web site.

The Russian Era 
Learn about the Russian era at Kodiak Alaska from the Kodiak organization.


Spanish Presedios 
This article examines the history of the Spanish in Arizona. It also includes information about Tubac and Tuscon.

Arizona History 
From the State of Arizona's website, take a look at this short history of the state from prehistoric times to the present. It also includes a timeline of important events.


California During The American Revolution 
Read about California during the American Revolution by Cassius Milton Jay.

California Mission Internet Trail 
This award winning web site, written by students takes you on a tour of California Spanish mission. Great resource for teachers can be found here also.


Nu'uanu Battle 1795 
Learn about the battle to control the island of Oahu that took place in 1795. This is the battle in which King Kamehameha the First, united the whole Hawaiian islands under his rule. Found on the Kamehameha Schools Bishop Estate site.

Cook's Final Voyage 
From the Mariners'Museum web site, take a look at this page about Cook's final voyage to the Pacific. On this voyage he proved that the fabled Northwest Passage did not exist.


Idaho History Timeline 
From the Idaho State Historical Society, take a look at this timeline of the states past.


Nearby Attractions 
From your Guide to Billings Montana, take a look at the great places to visit before you plan your trip to the Big Sky country.


Nevada History 
From your Guide to Las Vegas Nevada, examine these resources about the history of the city and the state, including the Native Americans that live in the area.

More History and Museums 
From your Guide to Reno/Lake Tahoe, examine this areas history and culture.

New Mexico


Oregon Blue Book: History 
Read about the fascinating history of Oregon from prehistory to the present. The author of this history is Terence O'Donnell.



History of Washington State and The Northwest Coast 
This online course by Professor John Findlay is a history of Washington State and the Northwest coast. This is not intended to be a comprehensive course but as a companion to other material on the topic.