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The People of the American Revolution came from all backgrounds of Society.

  1. The Man Who Saved a Revolution: The Newburgh Address
  2. Thomas Jefferson Biographies
  3. England's Kings and Queens of the 18th Century
  4. The Men Behind the American Revolution: The Forgotten General

America's Founding Fathers 
Biographical sketches of America's founding fathers are taken from the 1829 book, Lives of the Signers to the Declaration of Independence, by the Rev. Charles A. Goodrich.

Attucks, Crispus
Read about the first black patriot of the American Revolution from this article by Robin N.

Barry Commodore 
Read about the life and times of the American who is known as "The Father of The American Navy."

Crowley, Samuel 
Learn about the first American to die for the cause of Independence from the Independent American Organization site. You can find out more about this man by emailing his direct descendant This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Colored Patriots of the American Revolution 
This site contains the 1855 classic work by William Cooper Nell with introduction by Harriet Beecher Stowe. 

George III 
From the The Official British Monarchy Web site read this biography of King George III. He was the reigning Monarch during The American Revolution.

Embattled Farmers: Campaigns and Profiles of Revolutionary Soldiers from Lincoln, Massachusetts, 1775-1783
This book by Richard C. Wiggin, profiles and traces the footsteps of the 252 ordinary farmers from a single New England community who served during the Revolutionary War. It chronicles the connection of the town to the sweep of the war, and through the individual stories of these men puts a very human face on this history. The human stories of ordinary individuals are, of course, currently a hot focus of much historical interest, in counterpoint to the more usual history-through-the eyes-of-the-major-players. "Embattled Farmers" is the story of the American Revolution through the experiences of the ordinary soldiers -- not unlike the story of Joseph Plum Martin, but in this case, the collective stories of an entire town.

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