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One of the interesting aspects of the American Revolution was the fact that George Washington and most of his general staff were Freemasons. In fact, some of his official family joined the brotherhood during the war. In this light let us take a look at Freemasonry history and the sources available on the Internet that discuss this secret society.

Freemasonry evolved from the stonemason guilds of the Middle ages. Freemasonry maintained the secrecy of these guilds.

By 1720, Freemasonry would be present in America and some of the founding fathers were members of their local lodges. According to some historians, the masons were the high priest of democracy and government by the people and for the people.

They consecrated the cornerstones of the public buildings as they were being built. In fact, George Washington is supposed to have consecrated the cornerstone for the new United States Capital in Washington D.C.

Freemasonry has contributed to the development of America. The masons of 18th century America taught morality, charity and obedience to the laws of the land.

They also taught their members how to be good citizens and how they could and should contribute to the new government. Even though this organization has had its detractors since its inception, the organization is the largest fraternal order in the world today.

Look at some sites that discuss masonry and its history. Some sites are strictly anti-mason because they believe that the masons and its practices are of the devil and promote world domination and the "new order."

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