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EMV cards have been extremely popular in recent times and it's one of the greatest technological advances in recent times. In this busy world a lot of entrepreneurs are adopting this new technology and has been able to make life simple for users as well as businesses. Many organizations are going the online way to conduct their businesses and consumers lead busy lives and tend to do their shopping online. Online businesses require a secure payment gateway to allow businesses to conduct their transactions safely without being subject to any kind of data theft or cyber-attack and having a secured payment gateway is the means of achieving complete security and trust. There are multiple benefits of using EMV Credit Cards as they are completely secure and you do not have to worry about getting your money stolen or being overcharged.


Online payments have been made simple thanks to virtual merchant services that are available. There are plenty of free payment gateways that allow us to make payments with complete security and there's hardly any waiting time for your transactions to get processed as everything happens in a jiffy. These virtual merchants can easily help you transact securely and can easily help business owners setup payment portals for conducting transactions and allows customers of these businesses to make payments in a jiffy. Users of such virtual merchants can easily put in their credit card information to make payments and also save the information for future transactions.

To use any merchant all you need is a working internet enable device like a desktop or laptop and you can initiate any number of transactions with them. It makes the entire payment process absolutely hassle free and these merchant apps are easily available for smart phones as well so you can make payments on your mobile and transact at online shopping destinations making online purchases highly convenient and simple.

There are plenty of organizations that offer virtual merchant services one name that definitely needs to be mentioned is Alliance Bankcard Services-Virtual Merchant. It one of the prime caterers of virtual merchant services and it's one of the best solutions thanks to its ease of use and you also get access to a host of applications for your payment needs. You can turn any cellphone into a credit card and make payments on the go anytime once you save all of your card information. The convenience that these apps offer is simply beyond compare and you can use the service for all your online shopping needs.

How to use the app

Using the app is extremely simple and once you finish downloading you can simply setup your merchant account in a matter of minutes and you can easily connect it to any payment gateway of your choice. You need to put in the car information and enter all the requisites for the payment and transact accordingly. All of the transactions can be conducted safely and securely without any kind of hassle.