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Aboriginals are an ancient community that have existed for between 30,000 - 45, 000 years already, way into the 18th century and beyond. It is important within the study of history to understand the evolution of the aboriginals and the health care issues they face today.

If you are an Australian citizen, you will already be aware of the plight of the Aboriginal people. Aside from serious economic and educational differences, Aboriginal people do not have the same access to health programs as regular citizens, and there are several reasons for this.

Some people live in very remote areas and it is difficult to travel vast distances, and even when there are medical facilities nearby, the environment often culturally insensitive and the Aboriginal people do not feel they are welcome.

What Can Be Done?

Over the decades, successive governments have poured money into a wide range of development projects, with little success, mainly due to cultural differences, yet there is hope on the horizon in the form of established charities that have been working with the Aboriginal community for many decades. One area that really needs immediate attention is basic Aboriginal health care, which, if not available, invariably leads to serious medical conditions, and with preventative practices in mind, certain charities are focused on healthcare issues.

A Widening Gap

Regarding healthcare, there is a widening gap between what an Australian citizen and an Aboriginal person would receive, and there are at present, concerted efforts being made to make healthcare available to everyone, regardless of creed or origin. If you would like to make a donation to a charity that really has its finger on the pulse, there are online registered Australian charities that focus on indigenous development, and if every person in the country had equal access to healthcare, this would ease the burden on the government, and help the young generation of Aboriginal people to grow strong and healthy and make a positive contribution to society.

Improved Nutrition

A large part of the health issues stem around inadequate nutrition, and by educating the indigenous population about nutrition, there is far more chance of success. A well-educated person, for example, would know they need to consume the right foods to give a balanced diet, yet for a person with virtually no education, their dietary intake is irrelevant in their eyes. Education and nutrition are two areas that are being focused on, and with adequate donations from good-hearted Australians, it will be possible to actually improve the indigenous people’s lives.

Cultural Barriers

The reason some charities are more successful than others is that they understand the need to empower community leaders. A local community might not be readily willing to engage in any program, yet if their own leaders encourage participation, in line with their cultural beliefs, the results can be extremely good, and with ongoing support, the local people will be able to take more charge of their own destiny.

With many years of experience, all a charity requires is adequate funding, and if every Australian citizen were to give a single dollar to such an organization, many of the lasting issues could finally be resolved. If you would like to be a part of the solution, spend a few minutes on a recognized charity website and donate a few dollars to a very good cause.