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Foosball Patent Drawing

Soccer is one of the most popular spectator sport which is around us for hundreds of years. To be more exact, the modern version of soccer, which is the one we know of occurred at the beginning of the 18th century. It all began around 1815 where soccer popularity rapidly increased all over English schools and colleges.

The sport was so popular it got its own pocket version we all love to play today. Yes, I am talking about foosball table and today, I want to share with you how, when and where foosball table was invented. The most fascinating part is the way that we can't tell without a doubt, which one of 3 skilled engineers is the one we can call the Inventor since they all had their adventure with this game table in similar time. Because of that, I feel the urge to share with you 3 stories about foosball and you can pick you loved the most.

Alejandro Finisterre

Alejandro FinisterreSource:

Alejandro Finisterre was not a creator but he was a splendid man. The well-known story you can link to him is the story where he seized the plane in the flight. Yes, he was the first man who did it, which shows the level of competency. During the Spanish Civil War in 1936, Alejandro Finisterre was hurt and during his recovery, he was located in a hospital. There he saw kids with serious leg wounds and one idea struck him: Those children won't have the play football anymore (or ever). Due to that he wanted to make a football for them so he came up with the football table idea. There is a story where he wanted to make a patent but he has to escape the nation so he didn't have a chance to do it.


Harold Searles Thornton

Harold Searles Thornton is the man who has the foundation to call himself a foosball table creator. He made this highly addictive game table after a soccer match of his most loved club, the Tottenham Hotspurs from London. He wanted to show his love towards the club so he got a plan to make a pocket variant of soccer. His first model was a matchbox. There is a reason why he is the foosball table creator. He protected the game in London in 1923. You can observe his patent on the site of the European Patent Office under the number 502 991.


Lucien Rosengart

Source: Lucien,

The last "father of foosball" is known as the French car manufacturer, L. Rosengart. Other than foosball table, he created early safety belt display, cannons shells which can detonate in mid-air and various different things. Be that as it may, the story asserts that foosball table was concocted for his family. Since Lucien had a family with numerous grandkids, his home was constantly full. When the winter was cold, kids couldn’t go out to play and they were energetic. Lucien as the granddad who cherished his grandkids needed to make them something that will keep them entertained so he created a game table today known as the foosball. The whole story occurred around 1930 which is quite near the Harold Searles Thornton's patent.


Each of the 3 men was splendid men who pondered other individuals when they did their own foosball table and that is the reason foosball is so well known. You can't play foosball alone, foosball is a group activity which advances companionship and allows individuals to get to know each other.


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