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Group events and activities make bonding easy and very fast, such activities enable individuals to understand each other better, relate better, appreciate each other's strengths and weaknesses and thus improving the connection between different people. Bonding may be between family members or employees of an organization. Some of the team activities which help in bonding include group meals, tours, and trips. A sightseeing cruise on Sydney Harbour is one of the brilliant activities which any firm or family ought to organize for a weekend or a holiday. When planning for team activities there are several factors which you ought to put into consideration. These factors include; 

The venue for the activity

The venue is always the anticipated place you plan on holding the team activity. The venue depends on several factors which include the number of people you expect to be part of the team activity. In most cases, the team activities always include a large number of people and therefore you must choose a venue that is large enough for all your guests. Legend Cruise has a variety of vessels for Sydney Harbour sightseeing, and therefore, you get to choose depending on the number of the people you anticipate to be part of the activity.


Any team event can only be successful as a budget is essential. A budget acts as a guide when it comes to planning a team event. Your budget must at all-time include all the expected expenses for the event as it helps in making sure that all the requirements are available. Always set your budget as per the amount of money that you have available to avoid running into debts after the event. Legend Cruises provides cruises at affordable prices and therefore you do not have to struggle with finances so as to make you Sydney harbor sightseeing event a success.

Meals and drinks

Whether it is a group event or a couple's sailing day, meals and drink always complement all other fun things that come along with the event. Sydney harbor sightseeing ride is quite long and therefore food and drinks are an important part of the tour. Legend Cruise charter provides onboard catering where different types of meals are prepared. Moreover, Legend Cruise not only prepares local seafood but also exotic meals so as to ensure that all guests that are on-board feel comfortable. When it comes to drinks, Legend has a variety of drinks ranging from alcoholic to non-alcoholic drinks.

The prices of sailing services are quite affordable and thus you do not have any excuse for not organizing a team event for your workmates or employees. In addition to this, you might as well decide to surprise your partner, entire extended family, and your children as Legend cruise has a variety of vessels for different cruises.