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Yes, you read it right. The activity which most of the people consider as a waste of time can lay a positive impact on various body parts. You need to believe it as the notion is backed by scientific research. There have been several studies which put the findings on a more supportive side.

I know you are glad to know this and having a sigh of relief that those huge number of hours spent in front of the play station has not harmed you or any of your loved ones. It is just like you have found the best answer to my assignment help for all your academic tasks. In fact, they have proven good for their mind and body. There are several health benefits of playing video games, so now you can set your children free and play games without any hesitation of ruining their eyes. Let us see how video games affect your brain and mind.

  1. Brain Exercises-I would say that playing video games can act as a boon for the mentally ill and disabled persons. Yes, they hold the capability of improving the quality of life as stated by recent study and research. The critical finding of the study is that they can enhance grey matter along with refining the hardwired and learning skills of the player. The parts of the brain which are responsible for the storing information of an organization, spatial orientation, and the motor skills can also be polished by spending quality time on the play station. For the research and study, the scientists conducted research on two groups of people and analyzed the result using MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). The first group of people spent half an hour from the entire day playing their favorite video games for two months and another set of people spent no time playing.

The results were shocking as the brain structures of the people who played were far different from their counterparts. It was also shown that there was a volumetric brain increase in gamers.


  1. Prefrontal Cortex-The task of decision making, personality, cognitive planning, and social behavior and most of the video games involve planning and contemplation of interacting with the objects in the virtual world, and that is why the video games make sense for the players.
  2. Improvement of the right hippocampus- Processing and the consolidation of the information are the main tasks of this part of the brain. Both the parts of the memory, short as well as long fall under this category. This part of the brain is exercised by playing video games, and it grows.
  3. Cerebellum- This part of the brain which controls muscular activity and improves the motor skills grow as we play video games and especially games which involve interaction and navigation. If you would play video games, then you will be benefitted by having a quick assessment and will be able to respond to things quickly. For example, you push the jump button and move to a certain place at the same time. You can also reap the benefits of inculcating this skill in submitting your assignments by getting cheap essay writing service out of many options available near you and save a lot of pennies.
  4. The winning desire helps- The desire and the mindset with which you play the game help you set a certain level of difficulties and beat various other difficult situations.
  5. Make you smarter- If you are looking for some easy and quick practices to increase your level of smartness, then playing video games is a good practice. These engage the minds and let you think to get out of a particular situation.
  6. Mental Simulation-I am not saying that you keep on sitting in front of the games all the day which obviously have a negative impact on the health of the mind and the body. Excess of everything is bad and must be done within limits. Similarly, if video games are played for a certain period of time, then they can prove constructive.
  7. Help in problem-solving- Teens playing video games can also develop problem-solving abilities, and they can become a tool for inculcating this ability.
  8. Exergames- Exercise and games. There are several exergames available which help you shrink your waistline through various activities. They are more than just playing and let you visit the gym without actually stepping to it.
  9. Improvement of eyesight- Video games allow the players to be more responsive to different color shades, hence enhancing the gamers’ eyesight.