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Buddhist pilgrimage is very important for many people in the world because there are 520 million followers of religion. 520 million is more than 70% of the world population. There are two countries where there are the places of Buddhist pilgrimage are located.

The two places are Southern Nepal and Gangetic Plains of Northern India. At these places, Gautama Buddha lived, attained knowledge and taught. Hindu people also love to visit the places of Buddhist pilgrimage. Buddhism welcomes them. Here is the description of the four places where some miraculous events in favor of divinity 2 places. They are Sravasti, Rajgir, Sankassa, and Vaishali. It is difficult for anyone to believe in miracles so it is nice if we visit one of these places on Buddhist pilgrimage tour packages.


Shravasti was a part of Ancient India and geographically it was the sixth largest city in India when there was Gautam Buddha. Presently it is called as Shravasti and is located in Uttar Pradesh near Balrampur. It is only 170 km away from Lucknow. It is called the place of Twin miracle. It shows the supernatural power in the performance of miracles. Twin miracle is the concept of two miracles. Out of the two miracles one was done by Gautam Buddha. According to it the Buddha made two parts of his body and did some activities with both the parts. From the top half of his body, Buddha imitated fire and from the bottom half, he emitted water. Isn't that unbelievable? The learning was the illumination of the Cosmos.



Rajgir was also a major city of Ancient India. It was the first capital city of the kingdom of Magadha. Buddhism and Jainism both are prominent in this city. At this place, Lord Buddha controlled a very angry elephant called Nalagiri with the help of his friendly nature. We all know its size and an angry elephant is simply almost impossible to control or influence. In such circumstances, Lord Buddha miraculously influenced the angry elephant with friendliness. Is it not really a miracle!


It was also a city in India at the time of Gautam Buddha. There is one of the famous pillars of Ashoka. The city also has a stupa and there is a temple which commemorated the visit of Lord Buddha. The existence of the temple can be seen and there are ruins of the Stupa which was built by King Ashok after Gautam Buddha's soul went to rest in peace. It is believed that Lord Buddha returned to earth 8 after passing away and taught Abhidhamma Pitaka his mother.



Vaishali was also an ancient city in India and now it is in the border of Bihar. Vaishali was the place where Gautama Buddha gave his last sermon. This is the reason it is considered a pilgrimage site. Vaishali who was the name of a courtesan who gives a very important contribution in helping the city grow and prosper. In Vaishali, people say that Gautam Buddha received Honey from a monkey or probably gotten offering of honey from the monkey. It was the capital city of the Vajjian Republic.

All these four places are a must visit on Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour Packages India and check from the local people if they also believe in any such miraculous happening.