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If you love golf, its story would be as inspiring as teeing in the best golf courses in the world. Among renowned traditional sports, golf is a sport that has come of age. 

It is now a game that attracts millions of viewers and generates billions of revenue for governments. The great story dates back to hundreds of years ago when very little was known about it. During the reign of the world’s greatest rulers such as King Caesar, golf was a preserve for a few, people who loved opulence and prestige.

Over the years, it has developed into one of the most prestigious games, yet accommodates everyone who loves to tee. The big question is how did it all begin?

The days of King Caesar: Something that resembled golf

Before golf became popular in China sometime during the years of 960 through to 1260 (Song Dynasty), a game that resembled it had surfaced. During the reign of King Caesar, golfers used branches of a tree to hit a feathery ball. It was fun and enjoyable. Historians conclude it was golf because it resembled modern-day teeing in most aspects. 

Later, golf became manifest in China, particularly during the Song Dynasty. However, a more advanced form of the sport is traceable to Scotland, sometime back in 1457. The catch with Scotland and golf history is that then King James II prohibited people from golfing. It is well documented in history books that the sport distracted military training sessions hence the king outlawed it.

Golf in 17th Century: Great Britain

The sport continued to evolve. In the 17th century, golf became a sport in which people took part during their free time. It is the same as saying it was a leisure sport or a hobby among those who love to tee. At the time, especially in the years leading to 1701 and shortly after, the first British Open was established. Golf was fast gaining traction. You should recognize that even today, the British Open is still a popular golf tournament.

Golf in 18th Century

Discovery of golfing newspaper in the National Library of Scotland indicates that in the 18th century, golf was reserved for well-to-do people, especially professionals, businesspersons, ministers of the church and members of the armed forces. Hercules golf club established in 1835, presently known as Dumbarnie Links Nature Reserve is a prominent 18th-century golfing establishment.  Today, Hercules Golf Trophy is a popular tournament held by Golf House Club, Elie.

1873: The first golf club

With golf evolving first, it became necessary that lovers of the sport play in designated grounds. Thus, in 1873, the first club for golfers was established in Montreal Canada, popularly known as Royal Montreal Club.

1893: The first 18-hole golf course

With the first golf club launched in Canada and buzzing with activities, the U.S followed suit. In 1893, America became the first country to establish an 18-hole golf course. It is well documented that the Chicago Golf Club has a rich golfing history.  It was situated in Wheaten, Illinois.

1894: The first golf governing body

A year later, the United States of America established the first golf governing body to manage the sport (USGA). Later in 1916, the body amended its name to the Professional Golf Association of America, paving way for professional golfing. At the time, the body allowed both professional and amateur golfers to take part in the British Open and the U.S Open.

Today, more tournaments have replicated the forgoing, allowing golfers to take on each other in reputed golf courses around the world such as the Balaia golf course in Portugal. Countries like Portugal have become popular golfing destinations, playing host to some of the most ambient golf holiday establishments.

1981: Professional Circuit name change

In 1891, Tournament Players Association (TPA) was after changing names of professional golf circuits. The original names from which TPA was founded are Arnold Palmer Invitational and Accenture Match Play Championship. Later, TPA was again changed to Professional Golfers Association (PGA), a name that is known worldwide today.

1920 and later years

Since the establishment of PGA, golf has continued to dominate headlines with professionals such as Tiger Woods winning coveted awards in top tier tournaments. The U.S Open, French Open, and the British Open have become popular tournaments in the world of golf ever since. By all indications, there is no turning back.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, the story of golf is both inspiring and interesting. From how the game changed, the formation of a professional association to big names that have ruled golf courses, it is a sport that continues to grab major headlines around the world. The heat of the game often becomes manifest when top professionals go ham at each other in major world golf tours.