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The stylish cowboy hats have been a massive part of the western tradition since the time of the movies. This wide-brimmed hat has been a great part of North American history and today it gets worn majorly by the rodeo circuit participants, the ranch workers as well as the country musicians as a sign that represents the west.

Even though it got famous amongst the cattle drive times, which dates back to the 19th century, cowboy hats till date is a crucial aspect of several men’s and women’s wardrobes as well as a style statement.

Are you inspired by a cowboy hat and want to add it to your everyday attire? And you don’t know what should you be looking for? If yes, then this article will help you. Here you will get to know everything about purchasing the correct cowboy hat.

The multiple styles

It is surprising to know that there are over 10 different styles of cowboy hats that you can find in the market. But only a couple of designs such as the Cattleman and the Cutter are well-known in the new-age times. There are several online stores that provide you with various styles of the hat. You should always carefully assess the designs and check the crown and brim differences. It will help you to choose the correct hat for yourself.

The hat’s life span

The new-age cowboy hats get made using different materials. And a few of the common materials comprise of straw, wool felt, blended fur, and fur. However, if you decide to opt-in for a fur blend or fur cowboy hat, it can cost you a huge sum of money. But the benefit is that it can last you a lifetime. The straw hats and wool felt hats are cheaper than the fur hat variations. But it will last you for a few seasons. The durability and life span of your cowboy hat depend to a great extent on the way you care about it. Also, it depends on the investment you are willing to make.

The size and fitting

When you are about to get a cowboy hat for yourself, the hat size is one more aspect that you are required to carefully assess prior to purchasing one. The size and fit of the hat are something that can break or make the hat as to how it looks upon you. Today, several cowboy hat manufacturers will provide you with a hat chart on their website. You should always remember that the way a specific hat size can fit you will differ based on the style and brand you select. It’s essential to measure your head as well. For this, you can place a tape around the head and place it a quarter-inch atop the ear. It will help you to get the correct measurement.

The hat colors

You should also pay attention to the hat colors. Based on the hat material that you choose for your hat; you will get to select from a wide range of colors. There are a few standard colors that can contrast excellently with various types of shirt patterns such as stripes, checks, and weaves that comprise black, brown and a few shades of white and silver. Do you want to purchase only one hat? If yes, then you should opt-in for a color that complements your current wardrobe.

Brim size and shape

One of the essential things that you need to check before you finalize the hat purchase, is the brim size of your hat. You should also check the hat shape as well. Today, there are various styles of hats that come in varying shapes and brim sizes. A few people prefer hats with a bigger brim size such as that of the Sombrero. On the other hand, there are others who want a hat brim size similar to that of Fedora hats. If you are someone who is not used to wearing a hat on an everyday basis, you might get agitated with a bigger hat brim. Hence, it is necessary for you to assess the shape and brim size of the hat.

When you add a cowboy hat to your daily outfit, it will not just add to your persona, but will also ensure that you stand out of the crowd. That aside, it will also keep your face and head secured from the scorching sun rays. If this is your first cowboy hat buying experience, you can take the help of the above-mentioned factors so that you can purchase the correct hat. When you get the best cowboy hat that complements your appearance, it will allow you to sport a wild west look. You can also ask an online hat manufacturer for probable suggestions on the type of cowboy hat that will suit your face and appearance. Once you have made your mind, you can rely on the pointers above and choose a hat that caters to your budget and preference.