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Sick woman wiping her nose with tissue

The COVID19 pandemic is ushering in many unexpected changes in workspaces. But should every office desk feature a sneeze guard? Yes, and there are many reasons for it. Viruses are invisible yet extremely infectious. 

The only way to ensure employees’ health and safety in crowded workspaces is by offering them total protection. That’s why sneeze guards are slowly becoming must-have items inside modern corporate workspaces.

Why Sneeze Guards Are Important 

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) is constantly guiding employers on how to create safe spaces for workers inside offices. According to the recent guidelines from the organization, employers must –

Any company that wants to facilitate the safe re-entry of workers must invest in an acrylic sneeze guard for desk use. Employees can use sneeze guards to create super-safe and super-private bubbles. No air particle or other micro-particles (e.g., viruses) can penetrate sturdy acrylic sneeze guards.

The Direct and Indirect Benefits of Installing Sneeze Guards on Desks

Office leaders can enjoy various direct and indirect benefits by installing sneeze guards.

Direct Benefits of Sneeze Guards

Reduces the Spread of COVID19

Acrylic sneeze guards ensure workers don’t breathe in any infected air particles. The protective qualities of acrylic sneeze guards are consistent with CDC recommendations.

Less Risk of Surface Contamination

When you install sneeze guards on desks, you essentially create clear barriers between workers. Workers only enter and exit their guarded spaces during work. Hence, they naturally observe social distancing. Fewer interactions between workers mean a lower risk of virus transmission. Harmful airborne droplets will never go past acrylic sneeze guards.

Easy to Clean and Reuse 

Organizations like the CDC can’t expect companies to chop and change their workplace rules every few weeks. That’s why companies need long-lasting personal protective equipment. Acrylic sneeze guards are very reusable. Employees can clean and disinfect these guards multiple times. The guards don’t lose their flexibility or transparency after repeated use.

Acrylic is a petroleum-based plastic. It’s famous for its durability and shatter resistance. But, acrylic is also a transparent, nonporous, and lightweight material. Workers can clearly see whether their screen guards are dirty or not. After every use, workers can use mild soap and water to disinfect their sneeze guards. Reuse them again the next day for total protection!

Indirect Benefits of Sneeze Guards

Maintaining distances of six feet or more from coworkers is difficult. Installing sneeze guards on employees’ desks solves this problem. These guards give workers additional layers of protection.