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Continuous assessment plays a vital role in the academic sector these days. It has been adopted as a better way of evaluating a student. Students are therefore given the work on which their performance us evaluated to a great extent on the regular basis. These assessment work may be in a form of research paper that they are supposed to prepare. Now everybody knows that it is an easy way of scoring marks that will eventually pump up the entire score. Students, therefore, try their level best to prepare this research paper as efficient as they can. They sometimes tend to take help from Writing Done which is no doubt a very good idea. This article intends to inform you that how these experts prepare such effective research papers, so that if someday you have to do the same then you can also do it by yourself.

Some of the tips to prepare an effective research paper are as follows:

1. Select an interesting topic: Do not go in for a common topic, choose something that is rather different from the mundane topics. At the same time of the topic, the paper should be such that it promotes the curiosity of reading it, especially in the reader. It can be some burning issue of the present day society.

2. Conduct proper research work:
Do not take paper writing casually. Prepare yourself well. Do not just depend on the ideas that you get after brainstorming. Go in for some research work. Look up the books and magazines kept in libraries. Also, surf the internet. If any other source is also available, go in for it.
Research work is must not an option.

3. Refer to different sources: Do not depend on just on a source of information. It either may not be enough or else it may not sometimes be true to its core. Read books written by different authors on the same subject. Collect different facts to be used in the research paper.

4. Organize your information: Once you have collected the facts and ideas from different sources, you need to go in for a compilation of data. Organize your ideas in a way that these fall as beads in a string that ties the entire paperwork into an organized form of research paper.

5. State facts wherever possible and relevant: Do not just focus on giving the ideas, try to justify each idea with the help of an example if required. Remember one thing that you need to justify what you write and not to exaggerate that simply causes annoyance.  

6. Give relevant information: Give only those ideas and facts that are related to research paper directly. Do not give any sort of indirect ideas or facts. Beating around the bush will never serve a good purpose for you. In fact, it can have an adverse impact on you.

If you keep all these points in your mind then you will be able to prepare an effective research paper. This will help you to score well.