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Sometimes the study of literature is difficult. You should get acquainted with history, philosophy of a particular period of time, the biography of the writer, etc. What should you do at first? And then? This article will help you to understand how to cope with your literature homework. Here are 4 rules for reaching success.

Visit college library regularly

After getting your homework, you should visit a library. There you can find all books that you need. At first, you should find general information. The literature of the 18th century called the literature of the age of Enlightenment. You should find all necessary information connected with this. Be ready to give an answer to the questions: “What is the age of Enlightenment?”, “What period of time is it?”, and “How did environment influences on literature?”, etc.

Find suitable books for your homework. If you have any list of writers, look for the book of the 18th-century literature. As a rule, in libraries, there are a lot of them. In a library, you can find collections of the writer’s works of this age. As a rule, you should get acquainted with Daniel Defoe, Jonathan Swift, Henry Fielding, Laurence Sterne, Ann Radcliffe, Voltaire, Wolfgang Goethe, Friedrich Schiller, etc.

Without visiting a library, you can miss a lot of information. Moreover, you can ask a librarian to help you. He always can name you all books you need. Don’t be afraid of asking questions – it can save your time.


Find connections between literature and society in the 18th century and today

Literature always reflects a society. Consequently, you should know how the model of the society of the 18th century looked like. Think about the similarities and differences between modern literature and the literature of the age of Enlightenment. What is special in the literature of 18th century? You should understand that those people were close to us.

Enlightenment means their understanding of the real picture of the world. It is the age of the intellect. The people of the age of Enlightenment aimed for something new, they wanted to open more and more. They deleted from their life all mystical, irrational. Religion was far away from them. Now we have the same situation. Think about it. Find some proves quotations of writers and scientists to this statement. Or, if you disagree – prove it too.


Get a good background understanding of the Age of Enlightenment and Romanticism

While studying a literature of any age, you must learn so information about philosophy, history and social atmosphere of that age. Take some books in a library or google necessary information. You have already known something about the society of the 18th century. Now you should find connections between society, history, and philosophy of that period of time.

Look at the next period of a literature – Romanticism. Why did it come after Enlightenment? Find the reasons for it. You should find features of the literature of Romanticism and Enlightenment and compare them. If you are a good learner, you will understand that “enlightened” people changed. They started focusing on their feelings, characters, and their soul. You can see it in the works of George Byron, Victor Hugo, Walter Scott, Heinrich Heine, etc. You should read at least general information about these periods.

Feel free to ask any teacher who specializes in literary studies

Before class, it is better to ask the list of writers and works which you have to know. You don’t need to read all the works of the writers from this article. Be sure there is a list of literature to any class. Also, you can ask any questions to your teacher. He will be happy to tell you everything you need. After reading information, make a list of questions. Take a notebook or cell phone to write down the answers. Never be afraid of asking questions. Still, your marks depend on your understanding of the material. 

Literature is not so easy, as you can think at first. There all spheres of our life are colliding. Literature teaches us and makes us who we are. Therefore, it is so important to read as more as you can. Classes of the literature allow you to understand what literature is good for reading, and what you should avoid. So, never forget about it and read more.


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