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Every student who goes to college usually faces a mixture of emotions. There is excitement at the prospect of an independent life and perhaps regret at leaving home. There is probably also some apprehension at having to fend for yourself for probably the first time in your life.

In order to do away with these fears, and also to better prepare for what's ahead, you should know certain things about college life. You're probably paying a lot for college too, so here's what you need to know to make the most of it:

1. You Should Make Connections

You may be a shy person, but this should not hinder you from making a ton of acquaintances in college. Talk to everyone who comes in your path, and be as nice as possible. Further down the road, it is your college connections that can really benefit you in several ways.

2. Learn Basic Cooking

If you're moving away to college, chances are that you'll be responsible for your own food. While the on-campus cafeteria and several fast food options are convenient, you should know the basics of cooking.

Fast food usually saps a lot of money, and any food from outside is usually not healthy for you. A college student should hence know the potential of an electric kettle, a hot plate, and how to whip up ramen or eggs with them.

3. Utilize Office Hours

Your professors would likely have office hours when they are available to any student. Don't be shy; walk in and feel free to talk to them even if they don't teach you. Most college professors are always willing to guide an interested student to sources and people who can help him succeed.

Spending more time with learned people can actually make your college experience much more fulfilling. Don't let this opportunity go to waste.

4. Get Work Experience

It's a long-standing joke that places looking to hire fresh graduates inexplicable require some previous work experience. This demand is not so outrageous, as college students can get internships, part-time jobs, and even work as teaching assistants.

Seek out opportunities to work, preferably in your related field. Once you get active in the job-seeking game, you would find some opening sooner or later. This would help you stand out among other college graduates when you're all looking for work together. You can also work in a writing service, such as Essay Star in the UK.

5. Balance Everything

Know how to prioritize. Your studies are immensely important, but so are extracurricular activities and your work life. Additionally, this is also the time to start working on your social life. Getting overwhelmed is normal, but a college student should also feel free to take a time out.

Pulling all-nighters every week is probably not doing you any good. Have a night out once in a while with your friends. Stay in when you get sick. Having a properly balanced routine would make you much more prepared for the real world outside.

6. Stay True To Your Roots

If you are lucky enough to have a healthy family background, don’t underestimate its importance. You would need the support of your family and friends back home during college and after you graduate. Be sure to keep in touch with your childhood friends. Perhaps the most important thing to remember is to call your parents, or whoever raised you. They are the reason you’re able to attend college and make something of yourself.

The values you grew up with are also a reliable guide for you to follow in college. If you trust your instincts about a certain shady character or a wild party, it’s probably the best decision. Do the experiment in college, but be sure to not go overboard and lose yourself in the process.



Keeping track of all your responsibilities in college is hard, but they are also what makes this time precious. You have opportunities in these four years that would probably not be available any other time in life. Hence, get out there and enjoy your college life and make the most of it all!