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Today, it’s hard to imagine that 30 years ago the only way to get information was to go to the library. The situation has changed. Modern students use Internet to make researches, to find resources that have previously been almost impossible to meet in the traditional library, and to learn something new, of course.

If you are one of those students who are permanently for some new apps that can help you with studying, we have something exciting for you – 7 best applications that will help to improve your academic performance and organize your studying life. Some of them are available for iOS only, while others can be installed on devices running Android platform as well. Therefore, first check whether an app can be installed to your gadget.


Google Drive

Google is the most popular search engine, but it has something more than just the best searching processes and the biggest database. Google Drive with Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Slides are irreplaceable for students. Here, you can keep your information in a safe and protected storage, upload and download files of different formats, create documents of different types, and share them with other students. Also, you’ll enjoy the benefits of Gmail, Google email solution.

If you have been wondering where to keep educational materials, look no further. Google Drive is the best choice for you.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is one of the solutions offered by Google Drive, but it’s a little bit different than Docs and Sheets. The matter is here you can add notes and plan your activity, which is extremely important for any student. You can add your schedule, your tasks, and assignments, and even share the calendar with your classmates.



If you want to know something new every day, Telegram will be the number one choice for you. Here, you can join any channel that’s interesting to you and read the feed of posts that will help you improve your academic performance, find answers to the most intriguing questions, and even find some materials for your research.



Evernote users created over 5 billion notes, and if you try this app, you will definitely understand its popularity. Control freaks will love everything about making notes easy by adding texts, videos, images, tables, etc to the document. You can easily create a well-organized structure without spending much time on trying to understand how to format text.

You can always write by hand here or take pictures from your Moleskin Evernote. For example, if you decided to spend some time on writing a thesis statement, but you don’t have a laptop, Evernote App on your tablet or phone will be enough for an efficient work. 

Also, Evernote allows to organize your documents, and many think that their approach to file organization is better than Google Docs has. 


None of the lecturers like when a student is late for the classes. If you use public transport, you always want to know the shortest way to get to the college, right? Not to waste your time waiting for the bus, it will be better to use Moovit application that can be installed both on the iPhone and any device running on Android platform.

Here, you will find timetables of all local transport, and will never get late only because you don’t know when the bus arrives.


Do you have some problems with time management and organization? OmniFocus is one of the best apps that will help you organize your activity. It will be perfect for students, and it also will be a useful tool to track your out of class activity.

To use this app, you need to buy a license though. For educational purposes, the license will cost only $24.99 which is quite an affordable price for anyone.

This is another popular task manager that can be synchronized with your calendar. One of the best things about it is that you can add the extension to your browser, which makes operating less complicated and easily accessible.

You can integrate it with your Google profile, all your documents, calendar, and other files.

The variety of applications for students is really huge. You can find some free options, as well as some paid once. If you are ready to invest some money in your productivity boost, you’ll get some of extra options that will help you study better.

However, even free applications have many advantages that affect your education process perfectly. Just do remember: installing an app won’t be enough to reach perfect results. You need to use it regularly, and you’ll see the progress soon.

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