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Although the growth of the competition has also increased the level of the stress in the routine lives, which is figured out to be the health-damaging situation; however, referring to the consequences of the stress during the examination period, it is mentioned that the stress serves as the motivational push. On the other hand, it is estimated that the factors such as the course fees or the competition have increased the mental stress, which adversely impacts on the learning growth and the grades of the students. So for the beneficial rescue of the students, some of the stress releasing tips for the students, to be practiced during examinations:

Maintain the Balanced Routine for Sleeping, Exercising, and Eating

It is identified that the students who lack proper sleep, maintain the unhealthy eating schedule, and engage the minimal amount of the physical activities are exposed to the higher chances of the illness, due to the continuous rise in the stress level. It is suggested that for the best performance of the mind and the body, ensure to consume maximum 8 hours of sleep, the control over the carbs and the junk food, while consuming only healthy and natural products, and at least maintaining the one hour for exercising on the routine basis, for managing the blood circulation(Duncan et al., 2016).

Set Realistic Goals

The examination dates are often announced before months; while the students are having the adequate knowledge regarding the end of the session examination cycle; thus, the development and the implementation of practicing the realistic set of goals is the effective practice to continue with the adequate learning. It is evaluated that the use of the realistic set of goals keeps the student learning and preparation habits in perspective, which also supports in the time management. Moreover, it is considered that being realistic leads you to the acceptance of the circumstances, which maximizes the productivity levels, and reduces the risks of overstressing during the preparation days for the exams.

Believe in Yourself; Stay Motivated

(Jamieson et al., 2016), expressed that the examination is the time frame when the students get stressed as they face a continuous series of challenges. In relevance, the only way to retain their positive focus is the practice of self-motivation. It is guided that the student should focus on giving attention towards how far they have come through regular and practical learning of the modules, evaluating the time, cost, and the skills they invested for the achievements. Therefore, the self-belief of continuous reciting that ‘I can do it or will do it’ works as the positive exhibitor for the students to retain their investments for learning while diminishing the stress through self-belief on their capabilities.

Listen to the Soft or Country Music

Listening to the music results in the development of the productive and the positive environment, which lightens the mood, while reducing the space for the more extended time period, making the space for grasping more learning material. Scientifically, the classical or the country music is recommended as the best type of music to boost the brain activities.

Take the Quick Walk

Under the revelations from the scientific research, it is identified that too much focus on the continuous process of learning leads the individual to experience the brain freeze or the diminishing of the brain storage and understanding capacity. In relevance, it is proven that the students should consider the practice of taking the quick walk, which maintains the flow of the blood circulation-boosting the immunity, the mental power, and the brain capacity to understand and learn.

Use of the Mobile Apps

During the exams, the parental assistance results in the restriction over the use of the sources of entertainment, which is currently targeted at the use of the cell phones, or the social media apps. However, (Wang et al., 2015), identified that there are the multiple numbers of mobile apps, which are designed to improve the mental and the physical quality of life. For example, it might include the use of the app for improving the linguistic skills or the mathematic calculations, etc.

Increase the Consumption of Chocolate during Examination Preparation Sessions

Lisa, the professional writer at assignment help today, identified that the consumption of the dark chocolate, which includes 70% of the cocoa fights to reduce the level of stress, through reducing the hormone cortisol, resulting in the overall relaxation of the stiffed body muscles. Besides, the consumption of the chocolate supports in the release of the endorphins, which termed as the naturally triggered stress fighting agents.

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