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There are many forms of research material. Historians and students use newspapers, government documents, first hand accounts, and books, when they write about history. The Internet is a great resource for finding these documents, because it archives these sources for easy searching and viewing. The following web sites show you how to use these documents.

Where to go:

The first site to visit would be Using Archives: A Practical Guide For Researchers. This Web site, found at H-Net, is a guide on using archives both on and off the Internet.

Another Web site is for the promotion of learning on the Internet. It is the Scholastic Web site. Teachers, take special note of this. You will be able to use their services, provided you abide by their use agreement. This is a good reference source for educators.

Etexts are scanned documents, placed on a computer for easy access.

When doing research do not forget to give credit to the sources. The Brief Citation Guide Web site, explains how to cite Internet resources. This version is 2.1. It covers everything from Web pages to the listservs. Not intended to be the definitive citation guide to the Internet, nonetheless, it is a helpful source.

These are just a few places to find aides and tips on researching the Internet.


Brief Citation Guide- A useful tool for citing resources found on the Internet and elsewhere.