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American Theater

The Seven Years (French and Indian) War unofficially begins.

3 July - Battle of Fort Necessity

The Albany Congress begins.

Benjamin Franklin writes the Albany Plan of Union.

European Theater


American Theater

The French and Indian War Officially begins in America.

9 July - Braddock's Defeat

30 July - Shawano Indians wipe out the New River Settlement in Virginia

16 October - The Penn's Creek Massacre takes place in Pennsylvania

European Theater


American Theater

25 June - Vaul's Fort in Virginia Destroyed

12-14 August - The Battle of Fort Chouaguen

The 7 Years War (French and Indian) begins in Europe.

Treaty of Westminster; alliance between Britain and Prussia

Treaty of Versailles; alliance btween France and Austria.

European Theater

9 September - Prussian Occupation of Dresden, Germany

1 October - Battle of Lobositz (Bohemia)

15 October - Saxon Capitulation at Pirna, Germany


American Theater

August - Battle of Fort William Henry (Lake George)

European Theater

6 May - Battle of Prag (Bohemia)

18 June - Battle of Kolin (Bohemia)

26 July - Battle of Hastenbeck (Niedersachsen)

30 August - Battle of Groß Jägersdorf (East Prussia), Russia

7 September - Battle of Moys (Liegnitz, Silesia), Poland

8 September - Convention of Kloster-Zeven

5 November - Battle of Rossbach (Sachsen-Anhalt), Germany

22 November - Battle of Breslau (East Prussia), Poland

24 November - Austrian Capture of Breslau (East Prussia), Poland

5 December - Battle of Leuthen (Liegnitz, Silesia), Poland


American Theater

8 July Battle at Heights of Carillon

June - July Siege of Louisbourg

24-27 August - Battle at Ft. Frontenac

14 September - Battle at Ft. Duquesne

European Theater

16 April - Prussian Capture of Schweidnitz (Silesia), Poland

May - 1 July - Siege of Olmütz (Moravia), Czech Republik

23 June - Battle of Krefeld (Nordrhein-Westfalen), Germany

30 June - Ambush at Domstadl (Moravia), Czech Republik

25 August - Battle of Zorndorf (Neumark), Poland

14 October - Battle of Hochkirch (Saxony), Germany

6 November - Prussian Relief of Neiße (Silesia), Poland

15 November - Prussian Relief of Kosel (Silesia), Poland


American Theater

June - September - The Siege of Quebec

6 June - Battle at Oswego

26 June - Battle of Niagara

31 July Battle of Montmorency

13 September Battle at the Plains of Abraham. British captures Quebec, death of generals Montcalm and Wolfe.

European Theater

13 April - Battle of Bergen (Frankfurt/Hesse), Germany

23 July - Battle of Kay (Brandenburg), Poland

1 August - Battle of Minden (Niedersachsen), Germany

12 August - Battle of Kunersdorf (East Prussia), Russia

20-21 November - Battle of Maxen (Dresden, Saxony), Germany 




American Theater

George III becomes King of England (dies 1820)

Rousseau publishes the Social Contract

Catherine II, The Great becomes ruler of Russia. (dies 1796)

28 April - Battle of Ste. Foy

8 July - Battle at Restigouche

European Theater

23 June - Battle of Landeshut (Silesia), Poland

10 July - Battle of Corbach (Kassel, Hesse), Germany

15 July - Battle of Emsdorff (Homberg an der Ohm, Hesse), Germany

31 July - Battle of Warburg (Nordrhein-Westfalen), Germany

15 August - Battle of Liegnitz (Silesia), Poland

9-12 October - Russian Occupation of Berlin, Germany

3 November - Battle of Torgau (Sachsen-Anhalt), Germany


American Theater

10 June - Indians attack Colonel James Grant's force near Fort Prince George but they were driven off.

19 November - Treaty of Charleston between the Cherokee's and the Colonists is concluded.

European Theater

15-16 July - Battle of Villinghausen

16 July - Battle of Kirch-Denkern (Breslau, Silesia), Poland

20 August - 25 September - Camp at Bunzelwitz (Schweidnitz, Silesia), Poland

1 October - Austrian Capture of Schweidnitz (Silesia), Poland

16 December - Russian Capture of Kolberg (Pomerania), Poland


American Theater

European Theater

16 March - Armistice of Stargard (Pomerania), Poland

5 May - Peace Treaty of St. Petersburg, between Russia and Prussia

24 June - Battle of Wilhelmstahl (Kassel, Hesse), Germany

21 July - Battle of Burkersdorf (Silesia), Poland

16 August - Battle of Reichenbach (Silesia), Poland

6 October - Battle of Manila between Kingdom of Great Britain and Spain, which resulted in the British occupation of Manila for the rest of the war.

9 October - Prussian Capture of Schweidnitz (Silesia), Poland

29 October - Battle of Freiberg (Saxony), Germany

31 October - Prussian Capture of Kassel (Hesse), Germany


American Theater

The Seven Years war ends with the Treaties of Paris and Hubertusburg.

Pontiac's Rebellion

European Theater

10 February - Peace Treaty of Paris, between France and England

15 February - Peace Treaty of Hubertusburg, between Austria and Prussia