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With the publication of the Discourse to prove a passage by the northwest to Cathay and the East Indies by Sir Humphrey Gilbert in 1576, men were obsessed with finding the fabled Northwest Passage to the Indies. This search would last well into the 19th century.

While searching for the Northwest passage during the 18th century, explorers discovered and charted the Pacific Northwest coast. Some of the better known explorers of the area were:

Each of these men would add to the knowledge of the geography of the world, but none would find the fabled Northwest Passage. In fact, Cook's last voyage in 1778 disproved the existence of a Northwest Passage.

The Pacific Northwest includes:

  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • Idaho
  • British Columbia

Native Americans who had a sophisticated society and culture already inhabited this area. When the Europeans came, there was a ready-made market for trade.

The Fur trade industry would be the major factor in the exploration and settlement of the Northwest. Companies like the Hudson Bay Company and the Northwest Fur Company would send traders to the area to harvest the furs and trade with the local natives. Settlers, who came by ship or the Oregon Trail, would soon follow them.

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