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Abstract is a summary of the contents of a scientific paper which is intended to assist the reader in order to be able to easily and quickly view the purpose of writing. In the academic world, this short article used by the institution/agency/organization of education as early information on a study when incorporated in journals, conferences, workshops, or the like. In the virtual world (Internet), an abstract is used as a quick overview on a scientific paper/research to be read, as well as a "display" model. Furthermore, a complete section of a research sold to those who are interested to get it.

Writing an abstract structure that occurs at this time illustrates the concept of uncertainty or vagueness owned. Reason or views on the differences that occur in the academic world is not discussed in this paper because it is currently more important to straighten the notion of the writing. When writing an abstract, we should pay attention to:

1. Paragraph structure

An abstract is written in one paragraph that explains the overall content of the writing. It builds all the structure used in a paper. So many students are confused with what the abstract should be. Today, they can get help of
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2. The number of words

Ideally, a paragraph consists of 150 to 200 words. However, consideration of the most appropriate number of words in writing usually depends on considerations by supervisor who accompanies the writer. A supervisor should not consider the number of words as the main reference for writing paragraphs, because the main part is precisely the content itself.

3. Filling the paragraph

At the time of supervision, a supervisor puts 4 empirical part of an abstract. First of all, identification of research focus should be briefly described for the reader to make them easy to understand what is observed by the writer. Second step, the author should clearly describe the design of a study conducted in the process of finding answers or solutions to the issues raised in the research/paper. Third step, the author will explain the findings to the reader. Some researchers consider the findings in order to avoid a repetition. Fourth step, a need for part of the conclusions in a paper also seen in an abstract that can still get significant attention as the final part of the paragraph.