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One of the most significant elements of personal grooming and fashion relates to the hairstyle. Hairstyles for both men and women have traditionally evolved over the centuries. They continue to be inspired by art, fashion trends, cultural affiliations, weather patterns and events. The nature of hair styles also differs about gender and age. Men and women share very different ideologies on what a pleasant or appealing hairstyle is.


The profile of hairstyles across all continents has witnessed the growth of long and curly hair. The most significant period of experimentation and development of hairstyles can date between the 15th and 19th centuries.


As explained earlier, the hairstyle greatly defines your level of grooming and fashion. Therefore, it's only prudent that people especially women possess a variety of styles that they can effectively do with ease. Such styles make grooming on a daily basis seamless and comfortable. DIY styles include braids, pouf and dreadlocks common with both men and women. The Afro hairstyle remains common ever since its emergence in the 1970's. The maintenance of hair includes trimming to desirable length, straightening, application of cosmetic products, brushing and combing, braiding and curling.


In the modern world, especially in the showbiz industry, the styling of hair also acts as a form of artistic impression. Celebrities and artists use hair styles to express emotions and ideas as well as promote their brand. Celebrities in this area inspire new designs. Culturally, Japanese hair styles such as the pony have always been popular worldwide. For example, celebrity hair styles in Beverly Hills are trends all over the world. In Beverly Hills, celebrities rely on the services of specialists and stylists to give them that special look. These hair stylists run high-end boutiques and salons. Hair styles are swapped and changed almost on a daily basis.


Having established that the hair is one of the first features noticed when people come into contact. Therefore, when grooming hair in the 21st century, celebrities go out of their way. The urge to stand out has led to the application of artificial hair to make more appeal. Artificial hair becomes necessary because natural hair takes too long to grow and very tasking to maintain. Most of the artificial hair takes the form of weaves, wigs and extensions. The use of such extensions gives hair stylists more freedom and hair length to work around.

It is important to note that artificial hair is complementary to the natural hair. Various techniques used such as bonding, sealing, weaving, netting and fusion make the integration of artificial hair very effective.