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Earrings are not only worn by women, but also by me. There are many types of earrings, but of all the highly favored one is the pearl earring. As the name suggests, pearl earrings are made from pearl beads.

They vary in designs, color of pearls, size, and styles. Below are some of the commonly available pearl earrings:

Stud pearl earring

The stud earring gives an illusion that the pearl floats on the earlobe because the point of connection is not visible. It comes with a removable friction back. To secure the earring in place, you have to screw the back. High quality pearl earrings are highly durable and made from carefully chosen pearls.

Hoop pearl earring

This earring resembles a hoop. It has a semi-circular or circular design and looks exactly like a ring. Thin silver tubing is commonly used in constructing this type of earring; plus it comes with a thin wire used to penetrate to the ear. Some hoop pearl earrings do not have a full circle, but can still penetrate through the ear using a special attachment technique.

Dangle pearl earring

Many women prefer to wear a dangling earring because it is highly fashionable and comfortable to wear. A dangling pearl earring flows from the bottoms of the earlobes. It comes in different lengths. Some are just a few centimeters in length while others can go all the way to the shoulders. A dangling pearl earring has a thin wire that attaches to the ear. It goes through the hole in the earlobe and secures in place by connecting to a small hook at the back.

Pearl is one of the precious jewelries today. No wonder why a lot of women are deeply fascinated by pearl jewelry. A pearl earring is just one of the many jewelry pieces you can incorporate in your day to day fashion habit. Pearls are highly valuable and this is the primary reason why natural pearls are quite expensive than other types of gems.

The process of making pearl earring is a complex one. It needs to be drilled, which is about a half drilled hole. After which, the beading is stuck on the earring mountings. To secure the different pieces of pearls together, you need to use high quality glue. It requires talented and expert hands to come up with a beautiful piece of pearl earring.