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Odontophobia or phobia towards the dentists is not something new. Millions of people from all over the world are already victims of this and undergo this feeling every time they visit the dental office.

Because of this, most of them cancel their appointments with the best dentist Middle Village which result in the deterioration of their dental health. The inconspicuous tools are one of the primary causes of this fear. They are outright frightening. The sharp hook of a particular tool or the whirr of the drill can send chills down the spine. This makes one fear the dentist even more.

One way to recover from this situation is by knowing what exactly each instrument is used for. Once you know the purpose you will be able to ease out a bit. Here’s a brief discussion on what the basic tools do so that you can calm your nerves.


The above are some of the most common instruments used in dentistry. So the next time you visit the dental clinic, you won’t be afraid thinking about the tools. Now that you are aware of the purpose of the tools, you know exactly how they work. So you would know where to be a bit conscious and where you can rest assured that you won’t be hurt a bit.