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During the 18th century, there was a significant amount of warfare in the world. These wars include the wars of Succession, the American Revolution, French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars. After each of these wars, there were treaties that ended them. There were other treaties also such as trade agreements, and treaties of neutrality. In this article you will see a listing of some of the most important treaties of the 18th Century, but first here is the definitions of types of treaties.  


Definition of a Treaty
In international law an agreement that is binding on two or more nations is called a treaty. According to modern diplomatic usage, the term treaty is confined to particularly significant international agreements. Lesser agreements are called conventions, arrangements, protocols, acts, or simply agreements.

Treaties may be classified according to their purpose.

  • Political treaties: include alliances, peace settlements, disarmament agreements, and territorial settlements.
  • Commercial treaties: deal with tariffs, fishing rights, navigation, and the opening of consulates and offices of tourism

Important Treaties

  • Aix-la-Chapelle (1748
    Closed war of Austrian Succession (King George's War in America); possession of Silesia and Glatz guaranteed to Prussia.
  • Amiens (1802
    Between Great Britain and France, affording break in wars of French Revolution.
  • Armed Neutrality of the North, League of (1780) 
    Formed by Russia, Sweden, and Denmark during the American Revolution to maintain their neutral rights on the high seas against England.
  • Campo Formio (1797) 
    Between France and Austria after Napoleon's first campaign in Italy.
  • Hubertusburg, Treaty of (1763) 
    Settled the European part of the Seven Years' War. Austria definitely ceded Silesia to Prussia.
  • Jay's Treaty (1794) 
    "Treaty of amity, commerce and navigation" between the United States and Great Britain.
  • Kutchuk-Kainardji (1774) 
    Between Turkey and Russia; gave Russia powerful position on the Black Sea.
  • Methuen, Treaty of (1703) 
    Treaty between England and Portugal. 
  • Nystad (1721) 
    Between Russia and Sweden.
  • Paris (1763) 
    Closed Seven Years' War (French and Indian War in America).
  • Paris, Treaty of (1778) 
    France pledged its aid to the United States in the American Revolution. The United States promised to protect the French West Indies in time of war.
  • Paris (1783) 
    Closed American Revolutionary War.
  • Partition of Poland (1772, 1793, 1795) 
    Three treaties in which Russia, Austria, and Prussia divided Poland between themselves
  • Pinckney's Treaty (1795) 
    Between Spain and United States in which Spain recognized the boundary claims of United States under the Treaty of 1783 signed in Paris.
  • Rastatt (1714) 
    Supplemented Treaty of Utrecht. Signed by Austria and France. 
  • Utrecht, Treaty of (1713) 
    Closed War of Spanish Succession (Queen Anne's War); crowns of France and Spain separated; England received Gibraltar, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland.
  • Vienna (1738) 
    Closed War of Polish Succession; between France and Austria; Lorraine guaranteed to France. 

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