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When the first European explorers encountered the native inhabitants of America, they considered these people heathen savages. This misconception would lead to the various conflicts and difficulties between the Europeans and the natives.

From the 17th century onward, the natives would begin to lose their traditional lands and territories to European settlers who immigrated deeper into the American frontier.

To better understand the history of America, you will also need to understand the history of the Native Americans. The best way to do so is by looking at the web sites that discuss their history. These sites discuss Native American culture, religion and their involvement the various American wars.

  1. First Nations History
    Dick Shovel has created a great site that contains compact histories of the Native Tribes of the United States and Canada. It is very useful and informative.
  2. Native Web
    The Native Web resource database contains information about all of the Native tribes of the New world including the Aztecs of Mexico. This particular page lists the tribes that links to resources about their culture and history.
  3. Native Tech: Native American Technology and Art
    The Native Tech web site contains resources and information about the Native Americans art and technology. This is one of the best places to start learning about their cultural heritage.
  4. Native American Settlements and Peoples of the United States
    From the People Finders web site you can read about the Native Americans on the North American Continent. This article also includes links to other resources about the subject. 
  5. The National Museum of the American Indian
    The National Museum of the American Indian contains on line exhibits, research sources and more on the history of the Native American culture and history. This site is a part of the Smithsonian Institute.
  6. The Illustrating Traveler
    Learn about the Native Americans as they were encountered during the travels and illustrations of the traveler-artist of the 18th century.
  7. Nanticoke Tribe History
    This tribe lived and roamed the area now known as Maryland and Delaware. Learn about their history here.
  8. Cherokee in North Georgia
    The North Georgia Web site discusses the history of the Cherokee Indian Nation in two parts.
  9. The Creek Nation
    The Creek Nation was the major tribe of the Creek Confederacy. Take an introductory look at the history of this proud people.
  10. The Stockbridge Mohicans
    This page on the Stockbridge Muncee Community, is a short history of this tribe that sided with the American Colonials during the American Revolution..
  11. Statutes of the United States Concerning the Native Americans
    From the Avalon Project Web site you can take a look at the laws of the United States concerning the Native Americans.

Resources on this site:

Here are some resources found on this site that you might find useful in your research about Native American History.

Internet Links About Native Americans

Native American Reference Index
This resource contains information and links to all thing Native American.  It includes sections on the following: