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Electric cars are becoming more and more popular these days. They have not been considered a valid option worldwide for various reasons in the past but now more and more points in terms of popularity are gained every month.

Car manufacturers all have in plan to create electric cars for their customers interested in the new technology. Even Porsche has an amazing new model of electric car in work which is great news for fans. They can now purchase a new car from them and also have the possibility to contact a Porsche parts supplier for when they may encounter issues with their cars.

The advancement is expected to be even greater in the near future so we will definitely see much more electric cars on the street from now on. How has this world of electric cars started? Its history dates back to the 19th century. Let’s discover all about it below.

Facts in the History of Electric Cars before the 1900s

The facts about the actual first electric car ever are not clear in all resources made available. There is the tendency to attribute this title to numerous people. However, it is considered that 1828 is the year when the first electric car was created by Anyos Jedlik. He actually invented the early type of electric motor for vehicles. He managed to design and build a small car based on his motor invention.

Later in 1834, Thomas Davenport came up with a similar type of invention that functioned on an electric track that was short and circular.

The legend was continued by Sibrandus Stratingh of Groningen, an excellent professor who, working close with his assistant, Cristopher Becker managed to develop a small-scale type of electric car first powered by using a non-rechargeable type of primary cells. This was happening is 1835.

Later in 1837 appeared in written press the creation of the first known electric car. It was developed by a chemist known under the name of Robert Davidson of Aberdeen. The way in which this new invention operated was through galvanic cells used to power it. Advances in technology began being registered in the following years.


Interesting Historic Facts from the 1900s

The first land speed record established by an electric car dates back around the 1900s. However, right after that, the cars including this technology started being sold for really high prices that did not balance in any way their low top speed options as well as the lack of recharging stations around the world.

This has immediately led to a serious decrease in the number of interested clients which made the rate of use in their case be seriously declined. For many years, the electric technology continues to be used in the case of electric trains and other similar niches but the request and offer on standard vehicles for worldwide drivers simply stopped being noticeable in any way.


The Electric Cars History of the 21st Century

Once we reached the 21st-century reports in our research we have discovered that at the beginning of the century there was reported an increase in interest for the new technology. Even Porsche car fans started considering the idea of exchanging their cars with ones from the same manufacturer but based on the new technology. They contacted the Porsche parts supplier in their area asking about their options.

People started researching more about the benefits of electric cars and showed their interest in the electric engine as well as other fuel vehicles available for purchase. Certainly, the great concerns about pollution and other negative effects of standard gas cars on the environment have also played an important role in this case.

Now More Popular than Ever

Nowadays, electric cars have started to become more popular than ever. Even though there are still expressed concerns regarding financial and recharging challenges in their case, the technology actually managed to reach a breakthrough with new great models made available for purchase.


New amazing advances are expected to reach the market and we can only be pleased to see how fast smart options reach the hearts and minds of people around the world.Porsche as well as other top manufacturers already have great prototypes in work for you to consider. Just contact a Porsche parts supplier if interested and you will learn all about the new models they have.