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As long as there have been homo sapiens on the planet, they have needed to eat, one way or another. In the dawn of man, primitive cavemen would have hunted animals for food in order to ensure their survival. Over time, we have evolved to a point where it is unsafe for us to eat many animals raw, and as a result, we have needed to find ways of heating up the food so we can then consume it. Today, cooking has become somewhat of an art form, people like Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay have made a comfortable living as chefs and restaurateurs, as well as the release of countless cooking shows and recipe books.

Early Kitchens

The earliest example of kitchens dates back to the time of ancient Greece, and throughout the Roman Empire, when there were large public kitchens, with small bronze stoves that could be lit for cooking. They were generally integrated into the main building but kept as a separate room in order to prevent the movement of smoke between the rooms. Furthermore, the kitchens were generally operated by slaves, and this kept them away from the upper classes who would occupy the main room.

18th Century

By the turn of the 18th century, economical and political trends had found their way to Britain, particularly when it came to French cooking, elaborate recipes and formal table settings that came with strict dining etiquette. Among the upper classes, it was common for dinner parties to be held for around 75 guests or more. As a result, a large kitchen was needed in order to be capable of preparing such large quantities, a large number of servants would be needed as well. Dinner parties would traditionally last for numerous hours and consist of many courses. Shame there was no such thing as dishwashers then to help with the tidying up afterward.

Contemporary Kitchens

Today we are spoilt for choice when it comes to cooking our food. Frying and boiling are common methods with the use of hobs and pans. Baking is also common with a wide range of ovens available, there is also the choice of cooking with gas or electricity. Microwaves are also a popular appliance as they offer an even faster-cooking method, leading to the creation of ready meals that were designed to be cooked via microwave. You can even buy state of the art ovens like the Siemens HM678G4S6B which is an electric oven with microwave features. There has also been a trend where people will batch cook meals, freezing the rest to be reheated and enjoyed at another time.