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Since the discovery of Bermuda by the Spanish explorer, Juan de Bermudez in about 1515, Bermuda has had a rich history and culture. This island owned by Great Britain has always held fascination for the adventurer and tourist. Bermuda online is the best place to get information on the island and its history. Let me give you a short tour of this Web site, by showing you what you will find. 

First, let me give you a short background of the history of Bermuda. As stated earlier, Bermuda was discovered by Juan de Bermudez, of which Bermuda is named. At one time these islands where known as the Somers Islands, after George Somers, who first settled them early in the 17th century.

Since 1684, Bermuda has been a self-governing British colony. Movements for independence have surfaced repeatedly over the years, but in 1968, Bermudans ratified a new constitution, under which the British monarch, represented by a governor, is the head of state. The governor controls defense, internal security, external affairs, and the police. The cabinet, headed by the premier, and including at least six other members of the majority party in the legislature, advises the governor on other matters.

The capital and chief port is Hamilton, on Great Bermuda. Hamilton is one of the world's smallest cities, with an area of about 180 acres (70 hectares). On St. George's Island, at the east end of the group, is the picturesque old port of St. George.

The Main site to go for information on and about Bermuda, is Bermuda online. Bermuda's only online central information resource. Your complete guide. Published by The Royal Gazette. Bermuda's national and international daily newspaper since 1828. I have only to add that this Web site is a must for studying Caribbean history.

On this Web site, you will also find the links of other countries with Bermuda. The First is with the British. Despite Bermuda's North American (not Caribbean) geography less than 600 miles from the US East Coast, all Bermuda's roots in commerce, culture, customs, education, economy, habits, history, public holidays and major sports played, are of British origin.

The Canadians also have links with Bermuda and the history of these two countries can be found here. This is where the site offers in chronological order details of many individuals who have contributed meaningfully to Bermudian and Canadian history and given these two countries a rich mutual heritage.

The French
18th century Bermuda-France historical links including aspects of the American and French Revolutions.

The United States also has a rich history with Bermuda. Bermuda and the USA are partners in history, commerce, culture, education, tourism and trade.

This Web site also contains an interesting and useful chronological timeline of events. This particular page is a timeline from the 1700's.

One of the famous mysteries of this area of the Atlantic, is the Bermuda triangle. Though this is not within our preview, here is a short history for those who are interested in this subject.