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In this article, we shall take a look at some Irish history Web sites containing information about the history of this part of the British Empire. Today with all the attention that Ireland has had in the news, with regards to the IRA and their fight to unite Ireland, it all began in the 17th century with the coming of the British. The country was divided and Northern Ireland today remains a part of the Empire. 

For a short history of Ireland, you want to visit A Short History of Ireland in the 18th century. An excellent Web site for a general understanding the causes and reasons for the problems faced today.

Another Web site is the National Archives of Ireland. Here you will find all sorts of information in your search for Irish history and genealogy. The Archives also contain data on the transportation of Irish convicts in the late 18th century. These are the people that the English government used to populate and settle Australia, from 1791 to 1853.

To see a chronological listing of events go to this Web site, which contains events as far back as 3000 BC.

Ever wonder why Ireland is divided? You can find out why at the The Soc.Culture.Celtic Faq site. This and other information can be found at the  Gaelic Homepage. This Web site is maintained by three Individuals, Seàn Ò Mìadhachàin, Godfrey Nolan and John Wash Nice job guys.

More Resources

  1. History Ireland
    This is a magazine about the history of Ireland.
  2. Irish History Online
    This site is an authoritative listing of what has been written about Irish History. This site provides bibliographical data on historical writings of Ireland during all periods of its history.
  3. Irish History in Maps
    Rootsweb provides this interesting site. It shows the history of Ireland through maps. The eras included are from the Ice Age to the 1840's.
  4. Irish Genealogy
    If you think that your family has irish roots, then check out this site.  This site is the Irish Government supported, official website.