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What is living history? Living history commemorates historic events. Some historic events that are commemorated are the American Revolution; the American Civil war, and the debates over the Declaration of Independence, is the most common reenactments. 

Historically based movies or television shows, are also reenactments. Almost everyone has seen The Longest Day, a movie about the June 6, 1944, invasion of France by the allies of World War II. Though this particular reenactment is outside our purview, it however, is a good example of reenacting history. Gettysburg is about the famous Civil War battle; this is an example of 19th century reenactments.

Some American Revolution and the French and Indian War battles, are sometimes re-enacted. In the area of day-to-day life, you can visit museums where living historians recreate daily colonial life. An example of this is Colonial Williamsburg. Here you can see what Colonial life was all about and what people did from day to day.

On the Internet, you can find a variety of web sites that cover almost every aspect of this form of history. From Living Museums to reenactors information. There are Usenet groups for living history, and Journals for reenactors. There are even web sites that sell authentic equipment and clothing for reenactors. The following web sites are just a few that cover this topic.

Reenactor Information Sites
For the most comprehensive reenactor information go to the Reenactor Net. This Web site is a major resource for reenactment organizations around the world. It covers all eras of history that living historians reenact. The major reenactor groups are groups that recreate regiments of military history. There are event schedules, notes on past events and contact information on the groups or organizations located here.

For American History enthusiasts, the American Revolution is the main reenactment hobby. The Revwar website contains information on both British and American reenactment regiments. This site had the break down of individual areas, but now are combined on one page.

The Canadians also have reenactment organizations. These organizations reenact several wars that took place in Canada and America. One such site is called the Incorporated Militia of Upper Canada.  This site has information about the unit and articles that you might find interesting.

The Norfolk Militia (Heritage Regiment) takes part in various historical reenactments in both Canada and the United States. Their site also has links to other resources that involve historical reenactment and supplies.

More Resources:

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