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Napoleon made an impact on world history, which still affects us today. Here you will find resources focusing on his life and accomplishments.

Napoleon Bonaparte arose from relative obscurity to become the most powerful man on the continent of Europe. He was a hero to the French people but an enemy to the rest of Europe. Wherever he and his army went, the revolutionary ideals and institutions of France followed. This man more than any other person in history changed the world.

On the Internet, you will find a variety resources containing in-depth information about Napoleon Bonaparte. Some of these Web sites focus on the literature written about the man. Others discuss his military career and his accomplishments as the ruler of France. 

Major Resources

Three major resources that focus on Napoleon and his accomplishments. You should look at these first before checking out the other resources about the man.

  • The Napoleon Foundation
    This Web site is a major source of information about the life and work of Napoleon. It also has information about the first and second empires.
  • The Napoleonic Series
    This major Web site is dedicated to the study of Napoleon and his times. Here you will find sections containing information about his military career, his life, general FAQS and more. It is a useful starting point for any student who is researching the Napoleonic era. The research section of this Web site has biographies of Napoleon and his contemporaries as well as articles about the 18th and 19th centuries.

The Man

There are several informative biographies about Napoleon on the Internet. Here are just a few of them.

  • Europe and the Superior Being: Napoleon
    In this online lecture by Steven Kreis you will learn about Napoleon and his accomplishments as emperor of France. You will see how he consolidated and made a reality of the work of the Revolutionary government before he took power. You will also learn how he changed the face of European politics.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte
    From the History Chanel website you can learn about Napoleon through articles, videos, pictures and Facts..

His Accomplishments

These web sites focus on Napoleon's contributions to France and the world.

  • The Code Napoleon
    The Constitutional Rights Foundation has a short essay describing the Napoleonic Code and its legacy. Here you will learn how it became a source for the laws of many countries.
  • The French Revolt and Empire
    This is an Overview of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, written by Edward Blanchard. This article is a part of the War Times Journal Web site.