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North American history is replete with wars and warfare. The Native Americans have made war with europeans and other tribes since time imemorial. They even have been allies with either the French, the British or Americans at one time or another. These resources contain information about the Native American involvement in war and their tactics.


Battle Of Fallen Timbers 
Read about the battle at Wikipedia..

Chief Pontiac's Siege of Detroit 
From the Detroit News, read this interesting account of Pontiac's seige of Detroit, during Pontiac's Rebellion. This took place shortly after the French and Indian war.

Eastern Indian Wars 
Read about the Eastern Indian wars on this page from the Smithsonian Institute.

Native American Clashes 
This article discusses the history of the clashes between the Native Americans and the European settlers.

The Oneidas and The Birth of The American Nation 
Read about how the Oneida Indian Nation contributed to the American Revolution on this site.

The Stockbridge Mohicans 
Learn about the Stockbridge Munsee Mohicans Community website.

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