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Colorful Colorado History Page 
From the Colorado State Archives Web site, examine the history of Colorado from this chronology of important events in the States history.


Chicago History Timeline 
From the Chicago Public Library website, examine this interesting timeline of the cities history from 1673 to the Present.

Illinois History 
From your Guide to Chicago North and the Northern suburbs, take a look at this collection of resources about the states history.


Jews In Early Indiana 
Learn about Jewish Immigration in the Old Northwest Territory from the author Timothy Crumrin. A good general history on Immigration and settlement of the United States.


A Brief Cultural History of Iowa 
Learn about the Cultural History of the state from this informative short history by Shirley J Schermer, William Green, and James M. Collins of the University of Iowa.


Early Explorations and Expeditions 
From the History of the State of Kansas by William G. Cutler, read about the early explorations of M. Du Tissenet, the first French explorer of the area now known as Kansas. This book is found in the Kansas Collection web site.


Michigan Through The Years 
This informative site contains information about the states past by looking at the significant dates in its long history. This site is maintained by the Michigan Historical Center, Michigan Department of State.

Michigan Archive Circular 
This is the best place to start if you are looking for information located in the Michigan state archives. The material is categorized by subject, thus making it easier to find what you need.





Early History of Nebraska 
From the Kansas Collection, take a look at the Early history of Nebraska. This from Andrea's History of the State of Nebraska published in 1882.

History and Stories of Nebraska 
Take a look at the interesting stories and history of Nebraska by Addison Erwin Sheldon. Here you will learn about Coronado, The Blackbird, Lewis and Clark, The Mallet Brothers and more.

North Dakota

History of North Dakota 
Read about the history of North Dakota from its early inhabitants to 1989 from the State Historical Society of North Dakota website. This summary history appeared in the 1989 North Dakota Blue Book, a publication of the North Dakota Secretary of State.




South Dakota

History of South Dakota 
From the South Dakota State Historical Society, take a look at this chronology of the states history from its first exploration in 1742 to 1989.


The Alamo 
Everyone knows about The Alamo battle, Now learn about the early history of this Spanish Mission.