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This section contains information and resources about the Southern United States.



Alabama U.S. States
Learn about the State of Alabama on the website.  Here you will finid articles, videos and other information about its history and importance.



Fort Mose Free African Settlement 
This Spanish Fort in St.Augustine, Florida was a refuge for Africans who escaped slavery in the English Colony of Carolina. It was built in 1738. You can read all about this fort by Fort Mose Historical Society.


The Adventures of Daniel Boone 
Read about Daniel Boone's adventures written by George Imlay in 1793, and found on the Archiving Early America's The Lives of Famous Early Americans Web site.


Faurbourg Treme 
Learn about America's oldest Black neighborhood located in New Orleans Louisiana.

Louisiana History 
Though not an original colony, Louisiana does have a fascinating history, find out about it from the Official State Web site.



Early History of Middle Tennessee 
Written in 1905 by Edward Albright, read about middle Tennessee history, from the Mound Builders to 1796.

West Virginia

Pricketts Fort 
Information about this West Virginia fort, built in 1774 can be found on this site.